Art Show Today…look up, look down, look left, look right



What a great way to “look” at everyday life
“Art Show Today”
no matter whether we’re in our homes
in a backyard
running errands
enjoying time with other people
out on city streets
driving along a highway
wherever  we might be
“Art Show Today”

To pause, notice, look with a fresh perspective
take it in and appreciate
look up
look down
look left
look right

What  a magnificent “Art Show” it is!



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11 Responses to Art Show Today…look up, look down, look left, look right

  1. sufilight says:

    Life is indeed an art show, with different colors and textures, A good post, as it reminds us to see the world everyday with new eyes.


  2. nrhatch says:

    Eyes wide open . . . 😯


    • Oh, I love that expression/suggestion..”eyes wide open”…I call it “eyes wide open with surprise”…and, until now, I’ve only had this way of writing it: !!000.000!! ….but now, I have 😯 ( I hope that worked…for others, it’s the word shock between two colons!…thanks Nancy 😀 ) (and now I wonder how else I could make eyes wide open in confusion? ??000.000??? ….anyone know the emoticon for that?)


  3. becca givens says:

    Lovely – idea and reminder!! A new perspective indeed!! 😀


    • When I saw that quote in the newspaper, it occurred to me that I always look around very carefully, attentively and appreciatively at an “art show”….and so to shift my perspective and see this amazing, ongoing art show around me each and every day… 😀


  4. Robin says:

    I agree!! 🙂


  5. cuhome says:

    Yes! It is! Everywhere we look!


  6. Definitely agree with what you stated. Your explanation was certainly the easiest to understand about “Art Show Today…look up, look down, look left, look right”.


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