You just never know… little accomplishments can add up to A LOT

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I’ve been making “booklets” and “pages” for many years…..sometimes to work my way through a reaction to a challenging situation….other times to help me to remember some ideas or principles that I want to practice.

I just made one at at time…


then another…

then another…

slowly, steadily…and they added up to a lot…

you just never know what actions in each moment

might add up to or lead to….

Last night, I opened the weekly email newsletter, Just One Thing, JOT,  from Rick Hansen, author of the wonderful book Buddha’s Brain.  That newsletter has been so helpful in getting ideas for “shifting” on how I react and interact. Well right there…in front of my very shocked eyes….the eyes of the brain stem-lizard for sure…was a link to “Feelings”, a  youtube booklet/video that I recently posted and a link to this blog, Pocket Perspectives….thank you, Rick….

And so,

for those of you who are arriving from that JOT newsletter,

I welcome you and hope that you might find some pages or ideas

that might be helpful or of benefit.


I’ve made several “pages”  and created several posts based on Rick’s ideas.

Link to post “Plant Flowers, Pull Weeds”

Link to post “Right Now, I’m Alright”

Link to Loving Kindness Post, phrases from Sylvia Boorstein’s ideas

I get lots of ideas about “shifting” from going to Sylvia Boorstein’s  Wed morning sittings and now she and Sally Armstrong have added a monthly Sunday morning group,which is a warm,wonderful group!

link to youtube video: Brain Reactions: Something Happens

Post:  “Just because I think it, doesn’t mean I can believe it”

Post: “Letting go of preferences”

Post: “Appreciate, be grateful… “

Post: “On the wings of wisdom and compassion”

The top banner area of this home page has several “tab” areas:

  • “Plant Flowers,” contains many positive perspectives for increasing the positives. 
  • “Pull Weeds” contains many pages for “pulling weeds” or coping with more challenging reactions.

Another very special blog associated with this one is called, “Reflections from a Friend.” That blog is full of  practical, helpful, loving ideas from a very dear friend, Venerable Jampa Choepal, a Buddhist monk who lives at TSL Monastery in Australia. The ideas in that site derive from Buddhism, but are universal, nurturing, usable ideas for everyday life.  Ven. Jampa has kindly nurtured me along for several years….and has been so helpful in encouraging me in posting on the 2 blogs.

As I wrote in several of the linked posts, I’ve been to several of Rick Hansen’s workshops at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA. I gained so much benefit from his ideas and a number of pages developed out of his ideas.  I tend to be quite shy…but got up the courage to share a few pages over the past months…and one thing led to another…

Here’s one of the first pages that I showed to Rick

Link to post: “I am only one, but still I am one…”

I hope some of the ideas in the pages  in these blogs and youtube sites

might be of benefit to others

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11 Responses to You just never know… little accomplishments can add up to A LOT

  1. nrhatch says:

    Wonderful reminder of how interconnected we all are. 😀


  2. enermazing says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 That’s wonderful! You know I love your posters and card sets – I hope you get many more views & downloads.
    I’ve watched one of your videos on YouTube and was wondering if perhaps it would be even more attractive if there were sounds attached to it, for instance birds singing, water running, music. You can find free (public domain) sounds and music for download.


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