May I weave well….

Original “Weaving our tomorrows…” post/image  from May:  “Weaving our tomorrows…”

btw…that knitting in the background? It’s a photo of a scarf that I knit. I love the waves and ripples and deliberately dropped stitches that lead to interesting  “holes” in the finished piece.

Sometimes, when I’m having a hard time with a life challenge, I’ll deliberately drop a few extra stitches, create a few more holes, as part of that pattern…and later remember that those dropped stitches or extra twists of yarn contributed  to the flow and beauty of the whole pattern.

That knitted pattern is  on a number of pages/images in this site. I know how to knit one pattern…only one pattern. 😉 … I could learn others, but I’m content with this one. So I have scarves and little hangings knit with 3 different colors of yarn…

the blue and teal seem to me like colors of understanding and clarity

rust and maroon seem like warmth, fullness and comfort

 greens and grays  seem like the nurturing of a walk in a rainforest

And so, may we weave well,

with whatever pattens we choose

with whatever colors we prefer

May we weave well…

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8 Responses to May I weave well….

  1. sufilight says:

    I like this! 🙂 The font weaves and dances with the words, and the message made a greater impression in my mind.


  2. I love using fonts and images and words that create a sense of “flowing,” “dancing” or “weaving”…. and to have them all do that with each other : )


  3. Joni Beach says:

    The weaving with its meaning is great–and I also love the colors! Thanks for visiting me again & “liking” my latest post. My Best, joni


  4. You only not created a beautiful weave, you also made a flowing, harmonious almost melodic poetry with it. A great post that weaved in the most wonderful way. Thanks for the post and the visit.


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