Your message DOES matter…. developing the courage and belief to “speak it”

We’ve all learned so much through the ups and downs of our lives….
we’ve  learned how joyful and happy we can feel….
and how sad, or perhaps frustrated, we can also feel…

And so to pass along strategies and ideas to others…
for enhancing and creating more of those joyful and happy experiences….
and perhaps insights  for surviving, getting through or gaining wisdom
from the more difficult times…


Sometimes it may seem difficult to speak up or out…especially if we might be a bit toward the “introverted” side…. The recent book, Quiet, by Susan Cain,  has many insightful ideas about how quieter people…or any people… can learn to speak up….and it’s often in the cause of some core value or core project in which we  believe deeply….

When we have a deeply valued “cause”….
one that touches our hearts in a special way….
it’s so important
to try to express and communicate our insights and beliefs in words….
to realize that we DO have a message…
and that our message DOES matter…

There are so many ways to “speak”….
for those causes that touch our hearts deeply…
written or spoken words often come to mind….
but there are so many other effective means of communicating….
ways that may be developed and expressed differently in each of us…

Eric Winger, in his blog “Give Our Time,” had a special post today, “They Matter,”  about some  encouragement he gave to teenagers in a local Toastmasters event…advice which, I think, applies to all of us…for those times when we are speaking to or in front of others…to remind ourselves….

And so, to remind ourselves…..
no matter what our core values or core projects might be….
social causes, health care,
nature, animal protection,
protecting our resources, trees, water,
political issues, human rights,
there are 1000’s of important causes….
but to remember…
when we do have a message,
that our voices are needed….
to speak out in whatever ways we can….
to use our voices and have our voices be heard….

….our messages do matter….

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31 Responses to Your message DOES matter…. developing the courage and belief to “speak it”

  1. In a few words…that’s why I blog.


    • yes….I think that’s why most, or perhaps even all, of us blog….the belief, or at least the hope, that our ideas might help or contribute to others….Georgette, your words certainly do matter….. : )


  2. sweetopiagirl says:

    Reblogged this on InspiredWeightloss!.


  3. Cat Forsley says:

    10000000000% TRUE XOXOXOXO


  4. yes…..every heart definitely counts…


  5. Dienna says:

    I really, really, really needed to hear this today. Thanks for your valuable message. Everyone has a story to tell and our words and voices matter!


    • that’s the thing about using our voices….you just never know who might be listening and might benefit….you just never know…I’m happy to hear that the ideas resonated with you and were helpful….. your own words and voice do matter….please do keep using them…. : )


  6. sufilight says:

    Kathy, this is great. A reminder that our message does matter. We are all students and teachers and learn from one another. I certainly learn a lot from you. Read the comments and yup, I am subscribed to your channel. 🙂


  7. leah77 says:

    Kathy, this message matters! Thank you for posting it. I tend to get shy when I have to speak in front of people, but if it’s a topic that matters to me I grow bold as I speak, but if it’s something that I’m not really invested in; I shake like a tree in the wind. Conviction turns us into lions.
    Thank you Kathy!


    • You’re very welcome, Leah. I think that,as you wrote….how important it is to realize that accessing that sense of “greater purpose,” whatever it might be for each of us, does give a sense of strength and conviction and makes “speaking up” much easier and more meaningful.


  8. nrhatch says:

    When I “act” extroverted in certain situations . . . I do not feel inauthentic. Extroversion and Introversion exist on a continuum (like hot-to-cold or light-to-dark). I just highlight my extroverted tendencies for a time, before heading home to recharge my introverted batteries. 😀


  9. It sounds like you have good access and balance of those qualities…and as you say, it’s not either or, it’s a continuum…I was trying to point out that if one doesn’t have that balance or access, that a way to help activate the willingness to speak out is accessing that deeper purpose and use that as an energizer and motivator….and ah, yes…heading home to recharge batteries…thank goodness for “home”…. : )


  10. This is such a wonderful post!! While I feel that I am probably a natural introvert, I can also feel the persona of the public speaking voice come over me when I am in front of a crowd communicating about something I feel passionate and creative about.


  11. I love the balance you speak of here, and owning the voice of one’s creative power!!


  12. I think that finding that balance…or maintaining it for those who have already found or developed it…is something to work toward…. I like the way you put that…”owning the voice of one’s creative power”…that’s a very helpful way of phrasing that…thanks!


  13. excellent post. Now I’m ever more excited about reading the book. bought a copy a couple of days ago! Have you listened to her on TED? excellent.


    • The book has lots of helpful insights…it’s now both underlined and highlighted….good ideas and awarenesses in there…the TED video was good too. I’m happy you found the ideas in here helpful…and Joss…you do have so many important messages to share with others and such a wonderful way of doing that!


  14. granbee says:

    The reality of each of our messages truly mattering is why this blogging community online serves such a vital world in our world today. No matter what we look like, no matter where we are, no matter what our physical voice sounds like, we can use the internet to shine a light on the essence of our message, without those distractions too often present in personal encounters.


  15. cuhome says:

    I agree! Wonderful post! I think this is why writers write, speakers speak…. the book that you mentioned sounds interesting enough to check out!! Thanks!


  16. thank you….and yes, that is why we do those…. and the book has interesting ideas, many of them I found helpful…
    And you might enjoy something that I just had offered to me….a post written in response to a question I had asked another blogger…about that muse that might have ideas and whisper them in one’s ear…it’s a wonderfully helpful post…and I am simply stunned that she was so kind, generous and helpful. There is a wonderful guided meditation in there too…tying in with these ideas in this post and many recent posts I’ve made…


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