Courage: “Tests and life can be hard…”

The following is the cover from a special “book” written/created by a very courageous 10 year old girl in my class….please click on this link: “Tests and Life Can Be Hard” a book , to see her strategies written on  several parts of the flower……it’s  short,  but contains some really precious and courageous ideas and strategies for keeping going  “when the going gets tough”…


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2 Responses to Courage: “Tests and life can be hard…”

  1. That is so true and amazing and and maybe a little sad that a ten year old knows so much of what we learn as we continue to grow. That tests and life are hard. We can find our way through though.


  2. She’s learning, but still struggles with all of the “strategies” too…as we all do…she’s had more difficulties in her life than most adults, so it’s an ongoing challenge for her too. And yes, keeping going and finding one’s way through…I wish you well. Nice blog that you have…lots of good ideas..


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