“Guess how much we love you?”…. keeping our pets healthy, safe and happy

posted Wednesday morning


…our much loved golden retriever…
11 years old
Guess how much we love her?

denali guess how much we love you


Nali managed to get ahold of an unexpected pet hazard…
…a barbeque grill cleaning brush…
hard plastic handle and frame….
and sharp (!!) metal bristles,
and apparently marinated in yummy flavors


denali guess how much we love you

Denali went for xrays yesterday and today and will go back for another xray tomorrow
hopefully she’ll be fine
Can you guess how much we love her?


And so, a summertime warning to other pet owners…

Please be sure to keep those grill cleaning brushes out of reach!

they’ve been “marinating” in appealing flavors,
and the little metal bristles ARE VERY  DANGEROUS in a stomach


Nali is a “teacher” too… lots of positive influence on others
She  had lots of fans in my classrooms throughout the past many years…
the kids collected Nali cards each Monday morning…
little cards with encouragement from “her”
Can you guess how much the kids loved her?

Denali encouragement cards


Don’t we all love our pets so much?
And try so hard to keep them safe and out of harm’s way…
Here’s to a safe and happy summertime…for pets and people!


A photo taken a number of years ago…

nali, guess how much I love you

stay safe, stay happy,
stay loving and loved



Friday Evening: Little did I think when I created these pages and posted them on Wednesday morning  that those bristles would do anything other than just pass through the system…dogs eat so much stuff and usually it’s not a problem..but this time it turned out to be. My original intention with this post was mostly to alert other pet owners to be aware of the hazards of grill cleaning brushes…little did I realize how much of a hazard they can be!

Update Friday: Nali had to have 2 separate stomach operations to remove the bristles. We visited her tonight and she was happy to see us. She’ll need to stay at the emergency hospital through the weekend. Saturday: we visited Nali before she was transferred to ICU at UCDavis Vet School Hospital… she was happy to see us and loving as can be….time will tell…please hold her in loving thoughts and hearts…thank you…kathy, peter, julie and nali…. Sunday: Nali passed away this afternoon, after too many lung complications after the 2 surgeries….we are so shocked and surprised that this has happened.
Nali was such a dear, gentle and precious being…we loved her with great depth and tenderness… we feel blessed to have had her in our lives….she was a blessing to us….she will be deeply missed….We loved her dearly

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24 Responses to “Guess how much we love you?”…. keeping our pets healthy, safe and happy

  1. SuziCate says:

    Our pets show us such unconditional love daily..ok, mine is sometimes conditional when food is involved!


  2. nrhatch says:

    Oh, fingers crossed that Nali passes the x-rays with flying colors. We don’t grill meat, but I can see that a grill brush might smell tantalizing to a pup.


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  4. sufilight says:

    The photos made me smile, especially the one with the book. 🙂 Hoping Nali passes the x-ray tests!

    My sis who lost her son 8 years ago is in a relationship with an older man who has a dog. The dog loves sis, and she loves him. They adopted a second one which has added more love to her household. This is the first time in years that I have seen sis happy. I think she loves nurturing and taking care of her “boys.” A dog’s unconditional love (and also being in good relationship with her partner) can be healing.


    • Isn’t that book photo precious… 😀 …. yes, the wonders of loving and being loved by dogs…really remarkable.
      The vets will be operating on Nali this afternoon…to remove the stuck clump of bristles and plastic in her stomach. They can’t do the less invasive endoscopic procedure, because the bristles are so sharp…so they’ll just do a “regular” operation. Here’s hoping all goes smoothly and well….she is such a sweet, gentle and loving friend.


    • Marie, Nali died this afternoon… we were there with her…it was peaceful..we’re so sad


  5. so let us know how Denali is now. She is so loved. Made me smile to see some of the cards you made for your students – that is so you – spreading positivity and encouragement everywhere.


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