Courage: “It’s good to stand on my own 2 feet…”

I made this a few years ago…but special for Jule this week….way to go sweetie pie… ukelele, somewhere…, football hold, : ) , school, work, people, kids, hose, hose lock, hack saw, tools, garden, kitties, vacuum,  car, curtains, apartment…….  : )   …..way to go….love mom….  : )

And for me, too….figuring out, studying, going places, tv remotes (!?!),  tech use, computers… etc etc etc…

And for my pockets… encouragement….reassurance….

More images and  related ideas: to be independent, one might need to  “Surprise Myself”

Link to a “blank”  fill-in-able “tally mark chart” to support the positives/independence.  An example:  my own categories on a chart:

    And another  “page” that supports this idea: at times, one may need “guts” to become more  independent  “One Gutsy Thing”

“Denali” cards: supporting independence and courage…made for kids at school….but good for me, too.

And this page…Jasper,  the wakeboarding dog: independence again…”I can do this, I know I can”... (from a “booklet” that I created for a 5th grader who was in my class….trying to help him with ideas about going towards more happiness…but ideas apply to adults, as well as kids)  Just replace the word “happy” with the word “independent”…similar principles apply

“I can do this, I just  know I can…”

But…on a slightly more serious note….

at least more “serious” than Jasper, the wakeboarding dog…

It’s good to be happy….and increasing independence supports that …

In addition, the increasing  of individual independence supports others, too…

it actually supports healthier and more positive  relationships

and more balanced  “interdependence”…

(see post below…interdependence in the “Rainforest”)

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2 Responses to Courage: “It’s good to stand on my own 2 feet…”

  1. hugmamma says:

    I’m trying to “stand on my own two feet” as I wend my way through the technical maze that’s part and parcel of blogging. Takes me a while…quite a while…but I’m delighted when I figure something out. Even if it takes me 48 hours or more.

    hugs for subscribing…will do likewise with your blog…hugmamma. 🙂


  2. : ) ….oh yes…the learning curve… you say, “the technical maze”…I’m slowly getting better at handing confusion about tech stuff…and other things too…and developing a willingness to just keep trying to figure things out…a whole new approach for me. It is a great feeling when it works!


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