A “wish” for today….. “believe… in yourself….”

The following poem was written by humamma and was posted on her blog, “hugmamma’s body, mind and soul,” on Saturday…titled “believe.”

I thought this poem was so wonderful….so  I put it onto a sky-background….so I could look at it and keep her ideas alive throughout my own day..and to offer it out to others who may not have seen it on her blog….I think it’s lovely….

a wish for every one of us…
as we each start and go through our days…

hugmamma wasn’t posting for awhile, but is back….welcome back, hugmamma…. : )


If  readers of  this post gain value from her poem,
perhaps wander over to her  blog,
enjoy the poem again over there
and extend some thanks
for her depth, honesty and sincerity….

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21 Responses to A “wish” for today….. “believe… in yourself….”

  1. nrhatch says:

    Happiness is a gift we give ourselves. Nice post and poem.


  2. Roberta says:

    Thank you for sharing this!


  3. leah77 says:

    This was beautiful…we need to be reminded of how amazing we are. I’m going to head over to Hugmamma’s blog and say hello;)


  4. Joni Beach says:

    This is a very encouraging poem…I will visit her blog. Thanks for your visit and “liking” my post!


  5. ElizOF says:

    I remember Hugmamma from SITS and that is a great poem too… 😉 Thanks for sharing it. TY for your patience as I have been adjusting to a changed schedule in my life … Glad to comment again. 🙂


  6. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Very nice poem. And timely….


  7. sufilight says:

    This is beautiful! I want my sister to see it, so am sharing it in Facebook. We all need these reminders from time to time.


  8. This poem came our timely when I needed to believe that things will be better for me and my family. I know it will happen as long as we put our faith and prayers on it. It may be the best Christmas gift yet if it happens for me. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


    • Oh I just saw your comment…it’s December 14….I wonder how i missed it??? life, I guess..
      I’m so happy that hugmamma’s poem helped you have stronger belief that things will get better for you and your family. My own hopes will be with you too. And thank you so much for your warm Christmas wishes. I wish you and your family a happy and loving Christmas, too.
      My goodness….thank you for that Liebster award…an early Christmas stocking gift for sure. : )


  9. hugmamma says:

    Thank you for framing my poem so beautifully…and for sharing it with your readers. Our positive thoughts can resonate far and wide…like ripples in a lake when a pebble skips across its surface.

    hugs and special holiday wishes to you…and your wonderful blog friends…hugmamma. 😉


    • You’re very welcome….and as you can see, your poem resonated with many people. Thank you.

      And happy holiday wishes to you too. I’m so happy to read in your blog that your back isn’t hurting now…what a relief that must be.


  10. Roberta says:

    I love what you did with this wonderful poem! (:


    • Thank you….somehow the beauty of that starry sky (dawn?) photo in the background seems to bring out or complement the wonderful essence and beauty in hugmamma’s words and ideas…her words are so special.


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