Acceptance of “the nature of things”

I love the rainforest…a few years ago, my daughter Julie and I walked into a beautiful rainforest on the north side of Lake Quinault in the Olympic National Park in Washington state…it was so lovely.

Just an instant of being in its midst… just an instant….was enough to shock  “my” system into the awareness of the  balance, interdependence, complexity and evolving aspects of “nature”…


After several years of looking at a photo of this spot…

and really appreciating the “nature” of the rainforest:
the astounding complexity
of huge numbers of parts, pieces, causes, conditions,
sprouting, living, passing, interdependence
it’s evolving nature

and then going back to that same spot a few weeks ago…I realized how often, in my everyday life

I tend to resist or fight  the “nature” of everyday life,
the complexity of parts, interdependence
and evolving nature of people, situations and interactions
in everyone’s  lives.

That dynamic is a bit like this next image…superimposing my types of thoughts about resisting everyday situations onto the rainforest….and to recognize that…

just as I wouldn’t try to control or  deny  the natural development, evolution, complexity or interdependence of the rainforest…

to recognize the absurdity of trying to do that…
of denying the nature of things in “everyday” life…
so…the absurdity of denying….or refusing to accept …

And so…moving on to……..

the acceptance of the complexity of nature…
in both the rainforest and everyday life…
acceptance of “the nature of things”…

and so, as in several earlier posts….

taking that awareness about “the nature of things” in the rainforest,
and applying it to understanding situations in everyday life…
“shhhhh….rest in the interdependent expanse …..”



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I seem to  keep using different images/symbols, trying to get these similar ideas to “go in”…

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Well, my goodness…. 000.000 (eyes wide open with surprise)…there seem to have been some tiny changes (I’m still surprised by “impermanence”….)  …


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2 Responses to Acceptance of “the nature of things”

  1. tuesday2 says:

    Thank you for sharing. Thank you for the reminder to slow down and appreciate the ‘nature of things.’

    I begin each and every morning with a run at the river. I always have my dog with me and I believe she craves the connection with nature just as much as I do. So very calming…


  2. Yes…rivers and nature…so calming and soothing and full of good reminders, when we slow down enough to notice…. and what a lovely way to start each day. (I wish I had a river here where I live…) And what a nice connection for your dog wishes to you both…


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