“Do all you can, with what you have….” an inspirational quote by Nkosi Johnson

An inspirational quote from Nkosi Johnson,
a child from South Africa, who lived for many years with HIV,
a remarkable and courageous child
who made a tremendous difference in the lives of many…
an inspirational suggestion….
for us all…
no matter what our circumstances,
no matter what our challenges…


do all you can 1


do all you can 2


do all you can 3

do all you can 4


do all you can


to just try as much and as often as we can


I heard that inspirational quote
during one of the Sounds True, Compassionate Brain online shows,
a truly wonderful, free series of archived shows,
the seventh show,
Compassion in the Wider World,

featuring Rick Hanson and Jean Houston
…a special thought, a special child…
a child who was born with HIV,
and lived his life with meaning, depth and purpose
making a remarkable difference for so many other children with HIV
an important and inspirational message…

“Do all you can with what you have
in the time that you have
in the place that you are”


Link: World Children’s Prize
Nkosi Johnson
Wikipedia: Nkosi Johnson
Another link: Nkosi Johnson



do all you can earth


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12 Responses to “Do all you can, with what you have….” an inspirational quote by Nkosi Johnson

  1. Robin says:

    Beautiful, Kathy. 🙂


  2. sufilight says:

    Beautiful! This child was a teacher for the world in the short time he lived.


  3. nrhatch says:

    Good quote.

    I’ve been a fan of a similar quote for years: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt 26th president of US (1858 – 1919)


  4. seeker57 says:

    Very powerful. WE ARE ALL THE SAME, very powerful. Brought back memories of the time of the volunteer work I did for ABC (AIDS Baby Centre) in Thailand. Very Powerful. Thank you for sharing.


    • Yes, we are all the same…we all want our babies and children to be healthy, loved, well taken care of and valued, no matter who we are or where we might live….as you write….we’re all the same. What heart touching work you did in Thailand…thank you so much for caring and sharing.


  5. Wow! A perfect personal challenge, and also a very humbling reminder that it isn’t the length of our years…thanks for sharing this child’s special gift to the world.


    • Isn’t it amazing that such an important way of living can be encapsulated in such simple and direct words. Nkosi truly was a special gift to the world….and his gift lives on….especially when each of us tries to live with that positive, engaged inspiration.


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