“Everyone is doing the best they can”

A few months ago,
I arranged to have some pencils imprinted for a class I was taking…
with the helpful awareness and reminder…

“Everyone is doing the best they can”

everyone is doing the best they can


I keep reminding myself of this idea, and I do find it so helpful!

I have, however, noticed that it’s a lot easier to live with this awareness when everyone is aligned with similar ideas, similar motivations and similar ways of doing things…all nice and orderly like the pencils in this basket…

everyone is doing the best they can


Unfortunately, our interactions with other people often aren’t  that “orderly.”
Some days, it might feel more like this…

everyone is doing the best they can


We all  have so many varying motivations, habit patterns, beliefs, values,
interaction styles and ways of looking at things…
as each one of us is attempting to do “the best we can”

everyone is doing the best they can given conditons etc


When I’m  in the midst of those variations,  I’m finding  it A LOT more difficult to keep this level of acceptance in mind… we may all be doing the best we can, but it sure can be hard to see that at times!

My own “best I can” might be very different from someone else’s “best I can”… but for me to try, as often as possible, to keep this in mind…

everyone is doing the best they can mixed

And perhaps…. just as important as being aware of others doing the best they can…
to realize and appreciate that we also are doing that….

I also am truly doing the best I can, and that's all I can do...

To try to keep this in mind…

everyone is doing the best they can 2


doing our best to view ourselves and others with..
awareness, understanding, acceptance, kindness and compassion

“Everyone is doing the best they can”


we're all doing the best we can...ourselves and others


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8 Responses to “Everyone is doing the best they can”

  1. Robin says:

    Great reminder, Kathy! Thank you. 🙂


  2. I find it often easier to remind myself that others are doing the best they can, and more difficult to remind myself that I am doing the best I can. This reminded me a bit of Pick up Sticks and how you have to focus on the pile to find the one stick you can lift without causing total confusion. hmmmm


  3. sufilight says:

    Wow, what a beautiful lesson, Kathy. I needed to read this today as I am doing the best I can and sometimes frustrated when I fall behind my efforts.


    • Thank you Marie…
      Marie, it sounds like you are constantly doing the best you can…I hope that we all can keep this idea in mind…. especially about ourselves…. isn’t it odd that we can more often do that when thinking about others than for ourselves? Well, it’s “learnable”…by steady awareness, affirmation and reminding, so that’s what we can do.

      (I’ve been trying to nurture and develop this idea…with some pages up in the “greenhouse” area… partly from the point of view of appreciating others, but also of the importance of nurturing appreciation within/of oneself, too… kindness and understanding with oneself… https://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/other/increasing-flexibility-kindness-and-compassion-i-didnt-mean-to-be-unkind/ … “part 2” isn’t necessary… it’s an extension of the beginning… )


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