” Loco subscription….” wordpress follow-up comments checkbox…uh oh…

Uh oh…new  follow up notification “check-box” in comments area…uh oh

The following clip was at the bottom of a post by Marie, at Love Is the Answer….reminding people about that “check box”  which now appears when leaving a comment on another blogger’s post….

So Marie wrote…


IF you don’t “uncheck” that box, you automatically get a subscription to that comments thread…with ongoing emails every time someone else leaves a comment…

I really,really appreciate and enjoy getting comments…
I learn so much from other people’s ideas and insights 
And I often go back and read newer comments in other people’s blogs…
again I learn so much there, too….
insightful, interesting and valuable to read,
but a bit overwhelming in that email in-box….


Well, Marie’s post was about learning to not believe one’s negative thoughts…
to let them go and to rest in a sense of trust, peace and love….


it occurred to me that my own stream of thoughts
is a bit like one of those
unintentional wordpress comments subscriptions…
…. “loco subscriptions”….
as Marie called them…


And so…
I pondered that idea….
how about how my thinking and wordpress check boxes are aligned…


That was early this morning…
as I went through my day,
I noticed the ongoing stream of thoughts going through my head….
…that unintentional comments subscriptions thread….
…the “loco subscription”…
I seem to have a major comments threads subscription
in my own mind…
thank goodness my wordpress blog  comments
aren’t  as busy as my own mind…


And so, I wrote into my own comments area…
on the “glimmer”  post…
just to do a screen capture,
being silly…
going to delete it, not posting it
maybe print it out to remind myself
click “post comment”…

But…. the life lessons continued…

Uh oh…I clicked… “post comment”…


so now…
anyone else who hasn’t “UNCHECKED” that box
got my stream of  “loco subscription” too…

And so…
the ongoing life lesson,
courtesy of wordpress “uncheck” box…
…..reminder to self….
do not  subscribe to that comments thread in my own head
remember to “uncheck” that box….
….unsubscribe to my own thoughts subscription….

Ah ha…I’ve unsubscribed!
??? I wonder if it will work???

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17 Responses to ” Loco subscription….” wordpress follow-up comments checkbox…uh oh…

  1. sufilight says:

    I was chuckling! 🙂 What a delightful post and lessons within them. I love that you pointed out how our loco thoughts are very much like WP comments subscriptions. I find that we all need reminders to not get lost in the mind, and until we get it, the lessons would come through in many ways, and this time it came with humor and wit.


  2. Marie, we’re becoming our own comedy team…. “who’s on first” ????….the lessons just keep tumbling in… along with the “loco thoughts”….hey….another good term! : ) Okay, wait til Nancy gets here…she’ll add to the list…And anyone else have more terms for us…????? (okay, I’m getting punchy….time to go to sleep…. ; ) )

    ps…several days later..another copy paste from that WP comments conversation on glimmer:
    Oh no…I”m getting double emails for comments on my own blog…I guess I even need to remember to “uncheck” that little box here too…..???…..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…..oh my goodness….Wait a minute…it is “unchecked” and I STILL got double email comments….Oh my…do you suppose I really DO need to actually go into my dashboard and OFFICIALLY unsubscribe from MY OWN blog comments???? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. nrhatch says:

    Yes! We need to remember to “uncheck” the unwanted comment threads in our head if we want peace of mind. 😀


    • I KNEW I could depend on you for a clever comment….and Nancy, I forgot, AGAIN, to uncheck the box on your blog before/as/after (????) leaving a comment…the email updates came streaming in as seven very needy 3rd, 4th and 5th grade kids were taking the intense, week long STAR test in my classroom….actually a nice diversion for me from the intensity…when I took time to peek at them….the comments, not the kids. The kids had most of my attention ….a few very potentially discouraging days for them..but I’m making sure that their own comments to themselves and from me to them were quietly nurturing, encouraging, appreciative and positive….that “do no harm”…and “hopefully contributing” philosophy of test monitoring…


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  5. Thanks for the tip–Wordpress HAD INDEED gone loco!! AND, you have just been nominated for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. If you wish to accept the award, and I hope you will, simply follow the instructions here:


    • Hi Angela….thank you so much…I’m so happy that you gain value from the posts and ideas here in PP…. I’ll stop by your blog to check it out again…I’m unbelievably behind in passing along honors…even more behind than the WP email comments stuff…just pretty much overwhelmed with what I’m trying doing…I seem to have lost some of my organizational abilities….I think maybe meditating etc has calmed and quieted my mind and so….happier me, mellower me….and…uh oh…getting further behind on some things by the day… : ) …but I digress…thank you so much…I so appreciate your offer…. : )


  6. cuhome says:

    Yes, yes! It took me quite awhile before I figured that one out!! Uh, oh! If I unchecked the box, I might miss something . . . so I unchecked it, and I found that I didn’t miss anything, and my mailbox became much more manageable… and, yes, those comment thread subscriptions are kind of like those unbidden thoughts that want to eek their way into my brain. I have a “Detour” sign somewhere up there in my head, which leads directly to the “trash bin”; it’s pretty effective at weeding out those irritating little tidbits that I don’t want to waste my time on! Good post, thanks!


    • I love it…a detour sign….leading to a trash bin…can you put them onto etsy and share : ) ??? how well is the sign working?…or how long did it take to change old habits???
      I’m having a hard time (!!!) remembering to uncheck that box…picky details like that get by me….Oddly enough…this morning, I counted how many check boxes are on the IEP’s I write each year for each student…around 20 to 30/year: well there are 55 check boxes on 20 pages of forms on each IEP…and if just one check box is missed, there’s trouble…but…sigh…gotta remember to uncheck those boxes here…at HOME!


  7. granbee says:

    My own stream of conciousness tends to check a lot of boxes in my world and then beam them all back at once to me, creating entire volumes of word pictures! At WordPress, I have had to choose posts themselves over comments on other people’s blogs–I feel that I am expected to be a good steward of my writer’s time.


    • I’m sooooo curious and love to see what people comment…a bit of a raccoon, according to my family… Yes, in life, I probably check tons of metaphorical boxes…the stream of consciousness is remarkable!!!!..ah ha…maybe that’s what you were talking about with random, unexpected images coming back to you.???…and guided meditation???..and the insight you get from them….ah ha…good idea… ( I wanted to ask you more about your guided meditations…do you make them up?…say them outloud or just in thoughts? choose certain topics? tie them together?….ohh….see, I mentioned that I’m a curious person…. : )


  8. Roberta says:

    Thank you for all this wealth of information.. I too enjoy reading comments at my own pace…slow but to have so many gets overwhelming in my mind..Yes, many lessons to learn in life each day..


    • Sooooo many lessons to learn each day…and my brain seems to be stumbling on remembering to uncheck that box…I’m actually doing better at corralling my thinking than I am at remembering that little tiny tiny box….well, that’s actually good news! : )


  9. timethief says:

    Hi there,
    The support forum is full of threads protesting the change of the default settings for email notifications of comments. However, the likelihood there will be a reversion is very low so this is good advice.


    • Hi timethief…I’m guessing that many of the initial reactions were that people didn’t see any notifications from WordPress of the change and only figured it out after much (!!) confusion and effort to clear their email in boxes…Then, once there was awareness of what was causing the email logjam, the difficulty with actually remembering to uncheck that box before posting each and every comment…it turns out to be quite amazing how difficult it can be to integrate a new pattern or sequence of clicks into a routine…quite humbling actually…. : )


  10. hugmamma says:

    I learned that lesson a long time ago. I have enough difficulty managing my emails without asking to follow comments. I think my daughter has hundreds of emails waiting to be opened. I would commit myself to an insane asylum if I were in her shoes. I guess I’m just a control freak…

    …nah…i’m just more organized…or more anal…nor more detail-oriented or more…blah, blah, blah…whatever… 😉


  11. I’m so far behind on emails, reading wonderful posts on other blogs etc… just putting one foot in front of the other until the end of the school year….next Friday…and then…a new life begins! In many ways, I’m very organized too…but I seem to have gotten in over my head…


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