“You’ve done the most amazing thing….” …uh oh!….perhaps an alternative?

You've done the most amazing thing

I saw a quote in an email newsletter,
an insightful quote from the book Awakening Joy,  on the wonderful site Gratefulness.org
This  quote really “shook me up”

~you've done the most amazing thing Nisargadatta

well…that was a “shocker”
I usually prefer NOT to think about “negative” perspectives,
but in some cases,
I think they can heighten awareness,  be flipped around and become  very  motivating…
and here I think that can be done…

Some days,  there does seem to be a sense of “nothing interesting to do”
But…???… a shift from that perspective might be possible…
to use that quote as a “wake up call”
well, I sure hope so!

You've done the most amazing thing shifting perpsecitves


one possibility….

awareness in each moment


Another possibility…

You're doing the most amazing thing exploring richness



amazing things exploring with appreciation


our wonder-filled lives

As much as we can…as often as we’re able…

you're doing the most amazing thing


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10 Responses to “You’ve done the most amazing thing….” …uh oh!….perhaps an alternative?

  1. Don says:

    I loved the top quote – quite something. Sometimes it takes an absurdity to show us our absurdities.


  2. Yes, I thought that was a powerful quote, too… I read it soon after reading your post about “seize the day”….(other readers…this is good…by Don… http://candidpresence.wordpress.com/2013/02/26/seize-the-day/ ) boom! one idea impacts another! Yes, “an absurdity to show us our absurdities”… well put!


  3. the most amazing thing is perhaps finding the goodness, the beauty, the richness, in what so many seem to think is a dreary, depressing, “going to hell in a hand-basket” world. “I’m doing the most amazing thing……” as are you, my friend.


    • yes, I think it’s partly where we let our eyes, ears and minds rest…what they focus on. I think we can turn any direction, but need to learn to choose a positive one… goodness, beauty and richness…love those! And Joss….you are “doing the most amazing thing!” 😀


  4. sufilight says:

    I enjoy Niz and often share his quotes in Facebook. However, I have not seen this one, and I love it! It is a shocker and a reminder to create amazing days instead. Enjoyed your reminder to do this, to look for the amazing. 🙂


  5. My dad used to preface a lot of things he said with “Guess what?” I think that was one of the greatest gifts he gave us.


    • Who would think that 2 simple words could hold such important life lessons! Georgette, what a remarkable person your father was ( those wonderful stories about him on your blog) and what inspirations he offered to you!


  6. nrhatch says:

    That’s a terrific quote ~ here’s to noticing the mysteries and wonders.


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