Today, I am truly grateful for the kindness of others…. awareness and appreciation

Saturday, I enjoyed a day in a “classroom” full of people…
lead along by a wise, insightful and fascinating teacher,
Angeles Arrien,
the author of an incredible (!!!) book that I just started to read on Sunday,
“The Second Half of Life, Opening the 8 Gates of Wisdom”

I am simply stunned by this book….
…..stunned, stunned, stunned…
the ideas, the insights, the imagery,
the tapping of the wisdom of varied ancient and contemporary cultures,
the practical reflections and helpful suggestions and applications…
a gigantic WOW!
to the wisdom and insight in this book!!!!


In that classroom,  there were lots and lots of people listening, learning, discussing and  exchanging encouraging ideas… interesting, curious, engaged people… wondering, exploring, reflecting people…. doing their best to live with sincerity, honesty and kindness…

What a very special day…
so much kindness,
so much empathy and support,
a very special day

Today, I am truly thankful for the kindness of others….
Actually, I’m thankful each and every day…
living with the potential
for the many opportunities for offering and receiving
encouragement,  support and kindness


Today, I am truly grateful
for the kindness of others
…a very special day…



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15 Responses to Today, I am truly grateful for the kindness of others…. awareness and appreciation

  1. sufilight says:

    I am also grateful for kindness, and for the kindness you have extended to me in the past. May we all be kind to one another. Keep on sharing your thoughts, they are like seeds which I enjoy being receptive to.


  2. Its a wonderful humbling thing gratitude. For those who are gifted enough to know that our very gratitude is what keeps the connections strong with those we care about. It’s also a very special thng to see in our friend’s hearts. Be grateful is something that makes it easier to love us.


  3. I found that expressing daily gratitudes makes every day important, special. I love how your posts inspire, Kathy.


    • Really, when one thinks about it, each day is so jam-packed with so many little graces and miracles…truly a wonder to behold….and thank you for letting me know that you gain inspiration from the posts….thank you so much.
      I just finished creating some pages that you might like…created with the purpose of trying to find new directions/purposes now that I’m not working at teaching school…to find other meaningful endeavors…here’s a link… you might enjoy them… they’re called “Being and Doing…Nurtured by Messages from Flowers” …about developing each and balancing them (they’re up in the Greenhouse tab…where I put new ideas, ideas that are sprouting and growing etc…lots of seeds up there… : ) )


  4. cuhome says:

    Again, wonderful inspiration and insight that I will take with me into the day. Thank you. ♥


  5. The post is written in very a good manner and it entails much useful.


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