“A Starbuck Moment” …looking at life with a sense of wonder

Starbuck (no s), the cat, gazing out the window with a look of wonder…this was taken last winter, a day of the first snow where she lives. Starbuck was mesmerized by those first falling snowflakes.

I call this idea of seeing the wonder in everyday items or events…..

“Everyday miracles”

Some “everyday miracles” I’ve noticed  today….
sunlight reflecting off a leaf, a butterfly, stop lights,
electrical lines, cars staying in their own lanes, birds chirping, computers,
leaves changing colors,  sunlight shining into the house, ripples on water,  eye glasses,
email, warmth of sunshine, wind blowing through the trees, parks, farmers markets, cars,  bike riders, fingers that work, a mind that can think, a mind that can feel and empathize, people smiling, people listening, people caring, people helping each other….
everyday…millions and millions of …
“everyday miracles”



Note: I think I first saw that phrase “everyday miracles” on another blog, but I  can’t remember where…whomever it came from…I thank you…that idea really reminds me to notice and appreciate that sense of wonder in my everyday life….everyday miracles. : )

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20 Responses to “A Starbuck Moment” …looking at life with a sense of wonder

  1. zendictive says:

    animals are so perceptive, they watch nearly everything with a look of wonder , it is the human species hat can take lessons from them (~_~) nice post


    • Starbuck is really perceptive…she and my daughter have just moved to a new apartment and we get to see them on the iphone…Starbuck seems to be particularly fascinated and acts thrilled with every new box, closet, cupboard door, window, piece of paper…yes, animals are remarkable!


  2. Great post–you remind me to appreciate my journey! ps thanks for referring me to the Hokey Pokey post–I guess life can be as simple as that!


  3. nrhatch says:

    That is the perfect caption for the wonder in Starbuck’s eyes. Thanks, Kathy.


    • Isn’t that expression amazing? She’s very human-like in her interactions, curiosity and expressions…. she’s been quite “inspired” since moving…sounds a bit like your kitty….Tigger’s recent energy with the lizard hunt. : )


  4. contoveros says:

    I often meditate with my cat “Sundance” on my lap. She eases into the same state of mind I flow towards and I feel we touch a piece of Nirvana together.

    Everyday miracles I’ve seen today include three Morning Glory flowers blooming three years after I planted them and “dug up” a bank in the yard; my son leaving a twenty-dollar bill on the visor of my car for gas money I desparately need until the government check comes in next week; and the Dalai Lama’s idea for what I hope to introduce to Wall Street protestors as “L O V E” (Let’s Occupy a Vital Earth).

    michael j contos,
    Conshohocken, PA USA


    • Hi Michael…I have an idea….your adding your own everyday miracles brought it to mind…maybe I can start another post just above this one and ask people to leave a few everyday miracles from their day…and I can take those and put them on the oval “everyday miracle” shape and see how many we can get on a post…that might be a nice place for people to “pop in” when they want a reminder or a “lift”…it might be kind of nice. I made yours into one, to see if I could do it, (I did) and to see what it would look like..it’s nice. Is it okay if I post it at the bottom of this post so you can see it and see it you’d be willing to share it…or change the words or “miracles,” if you like and I can revise it.


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  6. Jamie Dedes says:

    This is a perfectly lovely piece: gentle, loving, appreciative.

    Please check your email for a note from me.



  7. ElizOF says:

    Great hot an you can see the sense of wonder on her face. 🙂


  8. Beautiful photo. The cat looked like it’s in deep thoughts…. Thinking of the great days ahead. I like the way you see things around you… Those living miracles exist because your heart beats of them. I see things in a similar way too. I just wish there’s a way to capture and share them other than photos and blogging. Have a blessed day.


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  11. Jackie Paulson says:

    So adorable, how do you post nice pic with frames and saying in it? Do you have like photo shop or something?


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