Persistence is good….

Ahhh…the broken lamp…and my attempts to fix it…

I really like this lamp; it’s an inexpensive “dorm” lamp from Target….I’ve had it for a number of years and really like the light that it gives off…and there were “memories” tied in with it.

But…it broke. The entire  top section broke off  and I couldn’t reconnect it to the pedestal.

I tried duct tape…
which worked for a week…
until the weather got hot and the duct tape stretched
and the lamp flopped over!

So, I gave up…

Then I tried straight metal brackets…
kind of good,
but the whole thing was really crooked and floppy.

I gave up again…

Then I bent the metal bracket with pliers,
put them against the two parts and duct taped them on…
uh oh….stretched again, lamp flopped over!

I gave up again…

Finally, I added a screw bracket used on plumbing hoses….

and that finally worked! …
voila, the lamp! …
slightly askew, but usable..

Whew….the practice of persistence!…not an easy one…

never the less….

persistence is good…

(click on image to view the details of the multi-stage “repair”…. : )    )

The idea of finally  using that pipe/hose bracket was from Hector, someone who has repeatedly rescued us…again and again and again….over the past many years: painting rooms, clearing up the garden, putting things back together…talk about persistence…Hector is always cheerfully and patiently persistent…thank goodness for Hector.

I got a comment about this post, in May,  from another wordpress blogger: solookhere …. his comment is on the following photo (his photo) and on his own blog…well, he had a blog in the spring…but when I tried to link it today….it was gone….uh oh…duct tape time?

I’m  reposting this post, which was originally added in May…..
I’m needing some extra persistence these days…..
so a reminder….

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12 Responses to Persistence is good….

  1. tari brand says:

    that’s funny! read my blog on friday – it’s about patience – very similar. good job.


    • Ah yes, patience…. : ) ….not such an easy thing for me to develop. btw…that lamp repair was spread over a period of many, many months…I really did repeatedly give up, but then kept getting my motivation and courage back again. Looking forward to seeing what tried your patience…. : )


  2. enermazing says:

    A big YAY for your creativity and persistence 😀


  3. sufilight says:

    My s/o have a deck of angel cards with a one word message, and each day we select one. This week we picked the card of “patience” at random. I have been noticing that I have patience for some things but not with others, and I need to strengthen my patience as in essence patience gets things done better and helps with the understanding of one another. Again, thanks for bringing this up! 🙂


    • Ah…patience…I think we all have variations in what we have patience for. I get caught off guard when I unexpectedly slip (or plunge) into impatience… And a week of patience? that in itself might teach patience. : )


  4. I had a toaster oven once that was so grungy my husband suggested we toss it out. No, I said. I literally got a screwdriver and took much of it apart. I scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed recruited my husband a bit for extra elbow grease. The girls commented, “Cool. New toaster oven?”


  5. zendictive says:

    wow, I loved this, “the sand does not grind rock into sand with one wave”

    My wife laughs at me, I fix things with bailing wire and duct tape calling me a redneck but I say, “I am a high class, modern redneck cause I also now have super glue and JB weld.” (grinin )


    • That’s a great quote, isn’t it?
      And just show your wife this post….we’re not “rednecks”….maybe we just like to use materials in a creative ways and like challenges?…maybe inventors too? And so you’ve updated from those great basic materials, too? : )


  6. eof737 says:

    Persistence takes us quite far. Neat lamp. 🙂


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