“Believe in yourself” ….. a continuing wish….

I posted the following “page” in early December… The words were written by hugmamma, on her blog “body, mind and soul.”  I gain such continuing inspiration, value and courage from hugmamma’s  words….so I’m reposting them again today….as a Friday wish for us all…a gift to us all from hugmamma….




I haven’t been posting much in the past 2 weeks….I’m having a really wonderful time reading, studying, reflecting and learning…sooooo much….my guess is that a very quiet spot within me and pages will emerge…my own form of “translation” from words and studying to images…. but that seems to happen when there are many solitary, quiet days….

and so a happily busy time of talking, study and reflecting…
what I’m studying is exactly what is written on the page above…
nurturing goodness,
the desire to do good,
overcoming negativity,
infinite possibilities,
creating goodness,
boundless compassion,
the beauty of each and every day,
that we all DO make a difference,
and that we can create our own agendas…
happiness is there for the taking…and giving…
everyday of our lives…



There is a wonderful video on TED….called “Gratitude.  In the video, (starting at 4:44)
an older man with a voice of love and wisdom suggests… to look at each day….

“as if it were the first day in your life and the last day in your life”
and to treasure, cherish and appreciate that day…

and to combine that idea with hugmamma’s words…
to believe….
that happiness is here…
in all the small moments
every day of our lives…


And so….this is a wish that I have…
for all of us….
on this precious and beautiful Friday…
a Friday wish for us all….
….to believe in the goodness in ourselves and others….
…every day of our lives…


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17 Responses to “Believe in yourself” ….. a continuing wish….

  1. Love your words. I know they will keep things in focus. I appreciate the safety of coming here to visit.


  2. judithhb says:

    We’ve missed you over the past couple of weeks but I am glad that all is well with you. We all need to take time to ourselves and reflect on where we are, what we are doing and where we are going in this life. Thanks for sharing. And I love the quote to look at each day “as if it were the first day in your life and the last day in your life”
    and to treasure, cherish and appreciate that day… Thank you


    • Oh, I’m as happy and content as can be…just very busy with work and study etc, but happy and content.
      Isn’t that quote wonderful? I typed the transcript of that video and will post it in a few days…it’s a really magical…I’d love to figure out how to audio record the man speaking those words….and wake up to it each morning….a wondrous reminder.


  3. Absolutely beautiful. Definitely an on going wish, and an on going journey. I think everyone that reads this will connect with something different within it. I especially love “Believe in your gut instinct, it knows you best”. Thankyou for continuing to share your creativity and love. 🙂



  4. nrhatch says:

    Glad to hear that you’ve been happily engaged! 😀


  5. Oh, I’m just as happy as can be….and I’m learning soooo much….and feel very thankful to have such an opportunity.


  6. leah77 says:

    This was so inspiring. It encompassed just about every topic on life. I love the part of treating every day as is it were your first or your last. Such wisdom! Thank you for sharing this and have an amazing weekend!


    • I love that part about the first day and the last day, too…so I made it into a page…and posted it a few minutes ago… I’m so happy that you and others gain value from some of these ideas too…. and a joyful and happy weekend back to you, too…smiles, kathy


  7. granbee says:

    Believing in the goodness of ourselves and others–YES, I WILL this week! Bless you!


  8. yes….being more aware of and believing in the goodness in each and every one of us…so very very precious….I hope I’ll be able to keep that awareness alive this week, too…. blessings back to you, too… : )


  9. eof737 says:

    I love hugmamma’s poem. 🙂


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