“Seeking approval”… letting it go, resting in positive motivation

The following advice was written to me, a few months ago, by a very insightful friend…

July, 2012 An expanded post “Letting it go…I just don’t have time to worry about what people think about me anymore….shifting to positive”

….learning to go back,
check my own motivation,
and if it’s positive,
to practice letting go of concerns
about other people’s reactions

One of the pages from that linked July, 2012 post:

And another page from the July, 2012 post
going back and checking motivation…
being certain that what I’m doing
comes out of positive motivations

For me, personally….
as long as I’m limiting myself
due to  concerns about other people’s reactions,
(which I’m continuing to do)
I’m not using my strengths and abilities to their fullest…
and not contributing to others
in ways that I might be able to do…
an unfortunate result….

this is such a precious life
we do have so many opportunities
and so to be able
“to really use to it’s fullest
this precious life that we have been given…”
a fervent, heartfelt wish

This page, “seeking approval”  is also on another site, a site full of good ideas from a friend,  Ven. Jampa.Reflections from a Friend… Ven. Jampa is the person, a Buddhist monk,  who wrote that first passage…and the last sentence, too…

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2 Responses to “Seeking approval”… letting it go, resting in positive motivation

  1. beautiful. thank you posting the link to this in your comments. We all need to be, as you said, the wind beneath each other’s wings.


    • The words on that “card” were so helpful to me as I got the courage to keep posting on both blogs…to learn to rest in my own positive motivation and let go of whatever any reactions might be… Actually, barely anyone even found the blogs for the first 4 months…I hadn’t know about tags or finding other blogs etc…but then in the summer, several people found them…including Art, Marie, Nancy and Maria… and have really provided some wind beneath my own wings…and so I happily try to be provide whatever wind I can beneath the wings of others….


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