“True to my North Star… but also, in this moment, I am safe enough, fed enough, loved enough and good enough”

ure to my North Star Rick Hanson quote

“True to my own North Star”

a short, soothing 50 second video,
(that I “created” using Rick Hanson’s ideas)
added today for “Nurturing Thursday”
(Becca Givens, On Dragonfly Wings, with Buttercup Tea)


reminding and reassuring ourselves,
that we are
“safe enough, fed enough, loved enough, good enough”
just as we are

(including some lullaby music to gently nurture us along)




The words on this image/page  came from the weekly Just One Thing (JOT) newsletter,      “Lower the Pressure  by Rick Hanson, author of  Hardwiring Happiness, Buddha’s Brain and  Just One Thing.


“True to my own North Star”
having a vision of inspiration and direction in our lives,
but also holding in awareness that in this moment,
we are…

“safe enough, fed enough, loved enough and good enough”

just as we are


I hope that each of us can find that North Star
but also be able to feel
safe enough…
fed enough….
loved enough…
  good enough….
just as we are





My thanks to Rick Hanson PhD,  ( neuropsychologist)  for the inspiration of his ideas and insights. I highly recommend his books!

New book by Dr. Rick Hanson, just released October, 2013: “Hardwiring Happiness, The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm and Confidence,”   (Other Pocket Perspectives posts including many ideas from a class Rick Hanson taught using ideas about learning to more fully nurture oneself, expanded upon in the that new book:“Taking in the Good,”  Another Pocket Perspectives post, including a soothing slide show of those nurturing, reassuring ideas: “Creating a Sanctuary in the Mind: Taking in the Good”  )

Other helpful books by Rick Hanson:
Buddha’s Brain
Just One Thing, and his weekly newsletter, Just One Thing.
He and Rick Mendius, a neurologist, also have a HUGE  website WiseBrain, a treasure chest of slide shows used in workshops, information  and resources.


North Star quote from Rick Hanson



Note: added a few hours later…. something very special happened on Pocket Perspectives today. Some lovely women who were in my home today asked about a Spanish translation for the words on some of the “suncatchers” I create.  Georgette, from Georgette Sullens’ blog kindly translated the English words into Spanish…so the ideas can be shared with women who speak only Spanish. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? I love to think of these nurturing ideas on Nurturing Thursdays being shared with women from many places, speaking many languages…. we’re all in this together…so to share the nurturing amongst us all… I love that idea!
Thank you Georgette….and Vicky and friends who asked about it…

Link to that previous post: “Be still and know that you are loved, valued, appreciated, resourceful and strong…” now translated into Spanish and added onto the images  “estar quietos y saber, que eres amado, valorado, apreciado, ingenioso y fuerte….estar quietos y saber…”  (link to post to see more translations…)


estar quietos y saber que eras

Link to Spanish translations of an earlier Nurturing Thursday Pocket Perspectives post: “Flexibility of Heart and Mind”… “la flexibilidad”

Spanish la flexibilidad la aceptance, la bondad, la compasion, la comprension


And, oh dear…I was going to get my computer/suncatcher creating/mobile making room straightened out today…. maybe tomorrow???   😀


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23 Responses to “True to my North Star… but also, in this moment, I am safe enough, fed enough, loved enough and good enough”

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  3. suzicate says:

    Lovely. I think people often don’t realize how little really is enough.


  4. So beautiful. Your posts always brighten my day. 🙂



  5. What fun to share with those who speak another language. Perhaps you can tag “en español” and see if searches pick these up. Fun assignment, Kathy.


    • Georgette, thank you so much for translating those words and ideas into Spanish. I really like the idea of creating them…and sharing them… in Spanish. I had fun creating them!….and hope you enjoy seeing your contribution right there, too! 😀


  6. lauriesnotes says:

    Lovely. The Spanish idea is wonderful.
    Thanks for putting off some straightening to share some creativity. ♡L


  7. hugmamma says:

    Loved the video…wonderfully soothing…as are your words. hugs for helping me to pause…refresh…and re-energize. 🙂


  8. Have you sent this to Rick? He would love it. I am a big fan of his.Sometimes post his whole Just One Thing . We just saw him and he said please use anything of mine.
    Also the whole concept of True North is a concept I have held dear for many years so happy to see it out there in the world. And I am so glad to meet you,


    • Hi Carol, I got his permission and have shown this one, and the “Taking in the Good” slideshow to Rick before, when I first made them a few years ago. He is sooooo kind and generous with these ideas and with people using and adapting his ideas… he’s wonderful! I was lucky to be able to take his “Taking in the Good” 6 week prototype/beta class the summer of 2012….I think there were 15 of us listening to, using and practicing the ideas he is finding so helpful. The ideas in the new book are extremely helpful and “effective”…I use them and love them!
      Do you go to his Wednesday night meditation group in SanRafael? I’ve gone a few times, but there’s just too much traffic from where I live… (Orinda)
      I also really like that True North idea….sometimes I use it as variations…”light in my lantern”…”highest aspirations” etc… that idea of the “focused” ideal and direction really appeals to me and helps to keep me on track!
      I went to a weekly class in Berkeley this morning…but, not a single parking spot in any garage or along the street…not a single one… I finally gave up and came home…impact of the BART strike, I guess?
      And the idea of The Dancer….(from your post today)….are you familiar with this image I created a few years ago …probably my very favorite, or one of them… my own true north… to dance brightly….and to encourage others in their own dance, whatever dance it might be… : ) https://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/may-we-dance-brightly-to-our-own-songs-from-our-hearts-along-our-own-paths/
      It’s so nice to meet you too…. 🙂 Kathy


  9. auntyuta says:

    Last Thursday, 17th October, we had very serious bush fires in areas around Sydney, Australia. Hundreds lot of people lost their homes. They shelter with friends or in public places where they are looked after with clothing and being fed. The community showing these people that they are being loved. Everyone is good enough to be saved and fed and loved. The thread of bush fires getting out of hand continues with more hot weather and winds approaching over the next few days! Thousands of firefighters are on duty and doing whatever possible to keep the flames away from houses and saving lives.


    • Ohhh… I’ve been reading about the terrible fires…my heart goes out to all the people, and animals, of those areas… what a tragedy! How special that the community is reaching out to each other and offering those basic needs… affirming that sense of our precious human family…safety, fed and loved. Oh, I so hope the winds and hot weather abate and the fires get under control. Our hearts go out to all of you there in that area…. please, be safe and be careful.


  10. auntyuta says:

    Hello, Kathy, thank you so much for your thoughts and good wishes. 🙂 Uta.


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  12. Maureen Miller says:

    Came across this beautiful picture and the incredible words from Rick Hanson. I am retiring from North Star Elementary School this coming June as Principal. I have worked here for the last 26 years in many capacities; the students and staff, past and present are near and dear to my heart. I have been searching for an inspirational gift to leave the school and wow, does this fit the bill! Who would I contact to get permission to use the words and the picture?
    Thank you,


    • Hi Maureen,
      My sincere congratulations on 26 years of making such a heartfelt difference in children’s, parents’ and staff’s lives! What gifts you must heave offered to so many!

      I love Rick Hanson’s ideas and insights! I have been so inspired by so many of his ideas and insights! My impression is that Rick is very happy to have his ideas shared…just referring to his name as the source.
      I added Rick’s words onto that night sky, North Star background… I simply love that North Star inspiration. (I try to live by that inspiration each day!) And how perfect for those who are working at, learning or associated with North Star Elementary School…just right!
      As far as the image goes, I’m happy to share everything I create, including this image with Rick’s words on it…. I freely share everything that I create.
      btw…I was a Resource Specialist in elementary schools for 22 years and, before that, a teacher in other remarkable special education capacities for another 18 years. I loved the “worK” I did…amazingly wonderful!
      I hope that you’ll continue to follow the inspirations of your own North Star in the years ahead!
      Wishing you well!


      • Whoops…there’s a typo there in first paragraph and I can’t seem to manage to edit it… “have” ..not “heave”

        I love your school’s philosophy!
        At North Star Elementary School we treat everyone with respect by:
        Being honest
        Having kind hearts, open minds and responsible actions”

        And I LOVE your school’s motto, too!
        Love, Laughter & Learning”


        • PS ….
          Today’s “Just One Thing” newsletter from Rick Hanson


          Each day probably a thousand “voices” call to you: “Do me. Come here. Buy this. No, buy this instead! Watch out. Listen to this. Worry about that. Vote for me. Check this out. Yammetiandyammetiandyammeti on.”

          In the hubbub, and pulled by conflicting demands, it’s easy to feel stressed, and even lost. That’s why it’s so helpful to have one or a few guiding lights that shine through the chaos and show you the way through the thickets of a busy modern tangled life.

          Thus this week’s practice: find your North Star. Life throws challenges your way constantly, and maintaining a strong sense of peace, contentment, and love when the world around you is going “red” is a key part of well-being.

          Gauge how well you deal with challenges with this revealing quiz from my Foundations of Well-Being program.



          SCIENCE NEWS:
          Embodied Practice Enhances Resilience

          This article argues the case for “embodied contemplative practice” as a legitimate area of research on resilience. The potential of these and other mindfulness practices in healing trauma is already documented, including in this study.

          Episode 21:
          How to be Happy for Other People

          Share this Just One Thing with your friends:

          Just One Thing: Simple practices for resilient happiness.

          Where are you headed?
          The Practice:
          Find Your North Star.


          I did a meditation retreat (at Spirit Rock, wonderful place, including for workshops). One evening as we walked out of the hall after the last sit, I was feeling rattled and discombobulated. (One of the benefits of a retreat – though it can be uncomfortable – is that it stirs up of the sediments of your psyche, which can muddy your mental waters for awhile.)

          I looked up at the stars shining brightly in the cold clear night, and soon noticed the Big Dipper. My eyes followed its pointing to Polaris, the North Star, and a wave of easing came over me. The star felt steady and reassuring, something you could count on. It connected I think with a young part of me who loved the outdoors and learned to believe that as long as he could locate the North Star, he could find his way out of the tangled woods and back to safety.

          Gazing at Polaris, I asked myself, “What’s my North Star?” One answer came to me immediately, and another just seconds later. Immediately I felt better. Calmer and more resolved.

          I’ll tell you what came to me in the How section below. Right here I want to make the points that it’s the question that matters most – and that the answer(s) will be different for different people.

          When you find your North Star, you know where you’re headed. That alone feels good. Plus, your North Star is (presumably) wholesome and vital, so aiming toward it will bring more and more happiness and benefit to yourself and others. And you can dream bigger dreams and take more chances in life since if you lose your way, you’ve got a beacon to home in on.

          Everyday life is entangling. It’s so easy to get caught up in routines and obligations that gradually take over to set the course of your life. It may look goal-directed – make breakfast, get the kids to school, go to work, return home, make dinner, go to bed, repeat the next day – but we know inside that there is no deep purpose to it, no fundamental aim that gives clarity, meaning, and richness. Then life starts to feel hollow, more about getting through than getting to.

          What’s the light that will guide you out of your own tangled woods – both the woods “out there” in the world and the ones “in here,” inside your own mind?


          Find a time and a place that’s meaningful to you. Perhaps sitting quietly at home with a cup of tea, or in a house of prayer, or – like me – under the night sky. Help your mind settle and grow quieter. Then simply ask, wordlessly or out loud, “What’s my North Star?” Perhaps try other ways of asking this question, such as: “What’s the most important thing?” “By what should I set my life’s course?”

          You could also just hold the question in the back of your mind over the course of a day and see what comes to you. Or while doing a pleasant task with your hands (like gardening, knitting, or stroking a cat), ask the question and see what arises.

          The answer may be soft; you may have to listen closely to hear it. It may come with the voice of an inner child, or a teacher, or with a simple viscerally persuasive clarity. The answer that came to me was the single word, Truth, followed by Love – but your own answer(s) may come in the form of a wordless knowing, an image, a body sensation, or a memory.

          Some people (including me) have several North Stars, though usually they are lined up in the same direction so there is no conflict among them. And sometimes a person has a single North Star, one aim, one principle, that draws together all the threads of his or her life.

          It’s OK for your North Star(s) to change over time. But whatever it is right now, let it guide you.

          This means keeping it in mind – perhaps with a yellow sticky on the refrigerator, or by jotting it down (maybe in a coded way, for your privacy) at the top of your “to do” list for the day. Or you could (as I do) often recommit to your guiding light(s) when you first wake up.

          Notice or imagine the rewards that do or will come to you and others from following your North Star. What trouble will it keep you out of? What joys and gains will it bring to you and others? Keep letting these good feelings and knowings sink in to you, linked in your mind to your Star.

          When troubled or tangled, ask yourself: “How could my North Star guide me with this? In its light, what’s the priority here and now?” Try to accept this guidance; give yourself over to it.

          Moment after moment, we are always headed in one direction or another. As these add up, they become the course, for better or worse, of a person’s life.

          May the course of your life be aimed at your own North Star.


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