Patience: a “vast subject”…

I received the following ideas from a very insightful friend….

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      I find that having and developing patience is a challenging endeavor….

I think it’s really hard.

I’ve been consistently “working on it”  for a few years,

and  I’m making progress…

but I still  find it difficult.

    Ironically, I teach kids with learning  and attention challenges,  and have tons of patience with them, even the more difficult ones…but in my life outside of school… especially having patience with myself…that’s so much more difficult.

     I received these ideas from a  very kind friend, Ven. Jampa, a Buddhist monk. I also put this particular page on a “companion”  site, Reflections from a Friend, because for me, developing more patience is such an important goal. “Patience is a vast subject

Patience is also one of the “Six Perfections”….the Six Perfections being special qualities to develop in one’s life:  Generosity,  Ethics, Patience,  Effort, Concentration and Wisdom.

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