Persistence: Step…step…chip…step…step….

Step…step…chip….step…step…step…. I happen to enjoy hiking, so I consider this a positive image and a positive page. And once in awhile, obstacles seem to pop up….and therefore a bit of chipping away at obstacles in one’s path…not a big deal, I’ve been told…just for me to try to learn that “challenges/obstacles” will arise and that I have the courage and persistence to handle them.

This “one step” idea also reminds me to learn to stay in the moment of

“now, now, now…..”

I love when there seems to be more of a “flow” to things,

but sometimes I just need to step, step, step….

I found what I think is a really good “Personal Journey Guide” for working toward this “progression” idea…from the University of Arkansas…. good ideas, practical, simply expressed and useful….The pages include many ideas from highly respected researchers/authors/websites included at the end of the  “Time to Be Happy is Now: If Not Now, Then When?”  post below.  pdf: U of Arkansas: Personal Journey Guide or click on images, below, to enlarge. (0r a lovely youtube video, with a river as the metaphor for the journey….when there is “flow” rather than just stepping along….“Take Me Along…”)

Univ. of Arkansas   Page 1: Enjoy Today     Page 2: Find the Gems in Your Past

U of Ark. Page 3: Look Forward to Tomorrow    Page 4: Use Your Strengths
U of Ark.     Page 5: Choose to Serve       Page 6: Choose to Grow

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4 Responses to Persistence: Step…step…chip…step…step….

  1. The “step step chip step” is a brilliant way to look at life!


    • I find it asy to think about…a bit hard to do…at least it’s hard for me…but I keep practicing and practicing and practicing…and am getting better at it. As you look through the various posts, try to remember that I’ve been figuring these “lessons” out for many many years…they can be learned slowly, not all at once…..step…step…chip…chip…. : )


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