“I pray for a more friendly, more caring and more understanding human family….this is my heartfelt appeal…” DalaiLama

…a lovely appeal…

…so very very special…


The knit background on that page
(page was created several years ago
and is framed and on a wall in our home)
is a very soft snuggly scarf that I had knit.
I took this photo at an exquisitely beautiful spot
in the Quinault Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington
a place where one can gain an awareness,
in just one “moment”

“the interdependence of all”


While searching my old computer files for that page
I found several other pages I had created back then
pages that tie in
with this quote from the DalaiLama
seeing how the individual stitches
the rows of stitches
in a warm and comforting scarf
are similar to the qualities
that create
a friendly, caring, understanding human family
…compassion, patience, understanding…
…acceptance, nurturing…



I’m having difficulty finding the words
to express the underlying sentiments
in the analogies or metaphors in the next few pages…
the “images”  will have to “speak” for themselves
…please realize that…
…the scarf….
…the words…the stitches…the rows…
are all “saying” something
I just can’t find words to explain
please use the your own words
to “weave”  your own story
about the deeper “message”
these words might be trying to say
to each one of us





it never, ever occurred to me
when I was creating these “pages” a few years ago,
a time when I was receiving all of these qualities
from several others,
that anyone else might ever see these images and ideas
perhaps a bit  like  seeds…
but sharing “stitches” instead



“love changes everything….”


sometimes on a very subtle level


and so…
just as
“love changes everything…”
so can
“stitches of kindness…”
change everything too….
…this is also my own heartfelt appeal…



July 15, 2012
(link isn’t working today)
(I just realized…my own father was born July 15, 1916)
I am so thankful to all,
my father included,
who have offered kind, supportive and loving stitches
to my own scarf
and to the scarves of billions of others
in this planet’s huge family



adding on….
but woven in so closely with these ideas
so special…Sarah Brightman …
singing “love changes everything”
…especially added for Julie…
and Peter, friends and family…
and all people who are offering so much love…
to others in our human family
“stitches” of love
of kindness, nurturing, acceptance, understanding, compassion
“love changes everything”
…it truly does…
I know… I have received so much
and it truly has changed…. everything

it changes everything
please freely share
your love and kindness each day
it changes everything

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20 Responses to “I pray for a more friendly, more caring and more understanding human family….this is my heartfelt appeal…” DalaiLama

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  2. beautiful reminder of how interwoven we are as fellow travelers here. Blessings to you on your journey and joy as you continue to share that journey with us.

    • oh Joss…thank you for that word….”interwoven”….that’s one of the ideas that I couldn’t find the “words” for… it’s odd when there aren’t words… And Joss, I’m so happy that you understood what I was trying to express…and am so happy to have you and others to share on/among all of our journeys… : )
      oooohhh…”wildflowers” (by Tom Petty) just came on the radio….”you belong among the wildflowers…you belong somewhere you’ll feel free…run away, let your heart be your guide….” may we all walk in beauty… : )

  3. judithhb says:

    I love the idea of life being a scarf with all the stitches being added by different people. And as Joss says, our lives are so interwoven by all those with whom we come into contact during a long (hopefully) and busy life,. Thanks for these lovely images and may I please have that scarf?

    • Oh, thank you Judith…more words to explain the images…thank you.
      And brrrr….it’s winter where you are in NZ…brrr…sending that snuggly, soft virtual scarf to you…snuggle up with it and enjoy it’s warmth …. : )

  4. Androgoth says:

    A very interesting concept and
    one that offers creativity and vision
    all so neatly crafted my friend :)

    Have a very nice
    rest of afternoon :)


  5. Team Oyeniyi says:

    We could certainly do with more of this in Australia right now!

    • I see from your posts that the people of Australia are sorting through varying reactions to people seeking refuge…I hope that kindness and a sense of “common humanity” will prevail. When I feel myself “closing down” I go back to that sense of “just like myself, this person wishes for….” safety, acceptance, understanding, kindness etc… http://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/2011/09/12/just-like-myself-6-9-billion-other-people-want/ I think there might be a time of “consciousness raising” in Australia..and my experience is that confusion and “struggle” can be part of that. Robyn, please, please…keep using your own clear, strong, warm and articulate voice to support the “welcome” that you write about!

      • Team Oyeniyi says:

        Thank you so much for your kind words.

        You are 100% correct with your statement. I have asked, would they want to turn the boats back if they were carrying USA, British or New Zealand people seeking asylum? I think not, given our opposition leader gave a speech today in the USA where he said something along the lines of most Australians do not see the USA as a foreign country. Not sure he knows too much about geography!

  6. Robin says:

    Love changes everything… It certainly does. :) Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

    • Oh, you’re very welcome…..Love really does change everything, whether we’re consciously or consistently aware of it or not. I tend to notice “big love”…but there are so mnay “little ways” of offering “love.” ( your walks in the woods do that…and your photos… : ) )

  7. cuhome says:

    Beautifully done!

  8. What a lovely post. I’ll be carrying it with me today. Thank you.

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