Circle round the planet…circle for each soul…keep this circle whole

Here are the words from a lovely singing round….

Circle for the planet
circle for each soul,
for the children of our children,
keep this circle whole…

Circle round for freedom,
circle round for peace,
for those of us imprisoned,
circle for release….

Circle round the planet,
circle for each soul,
for future generations,
keep this circle whole…

I learned this simple round at a singing circle that I went to…the melody, the words and the harmonies all blend together in such a beautiful way….a few years ago, I added the words to this photo of the earth from space….

I hope that in whatever ways
each one of us thinks, speaks, acts and offers…
that we all contribute to keeping this incredible circle whole…
each in our very own way

Here’s a youtube version of the song…not as spirited or natural as in the singing circle, but still quite pretty…

Or, a bit livelier version… “Circle round the planet…”



  1. Beautiful voice parts in the song. Lovely harmony. ‘Keep the circle whole’ is a nice concept, especially where it refers to freedom and to future generations. Great post!


  2. “for the children of our children” As I listen to this, it reminds me of vocal and instrumental concerts in European chapels and cathedrals. It’s classic and is for all generations throughout centuries. We endure.


  3. So very much what I work and yearn and pray for in our world. I am reblogging this to undergird and expand and beatify what I am focusing on at my own blog, okay?


  4. Reblogged this on granbee and commented:
    Dear friends, let us circle round in deed and in truth, as this wonderful post encourages us to keep doing. Some of the words to the song you will enjoy here are: “Circle round for freedom,
    circle round for peace,
    for those of us imprisoned,
    circle for release….”


    1. I see the song was written in 1982 by Linda Hirschorn. It’s sung in several singing circles that I’ve been to in Berkeley…it’s really beautiful when sung by “everyday people”…yes, let’s all do our best to keep the circle whole. (btw..I tried making my first suncatcher with this image…printed on two sides, held between 2 hard, plexiglass circles glued to each other with very tricky shower enclosure glue…I gave up on suncatchers for a few years after that fiasco. 🙄 ..but persistence eventually found another way to make them.)


  5. Yes…and, Nancy, we must have just commented on each other’s blogs in the very same minute…3 time zones away.. : )
    And circles….ah ha…that kids’ song…Lambchop?…..”this is the song that never ends, it just goes round and round my friend…”…..the one that does that ear worm thing…yes, circles, indeed.


  6. what beauty … meditative and powerful …

    I must apologize — I long ago thought I was following you, but as I make my rounds and at the same time following familiar “breadcrumbs” after an extended trip — I discovered I had not 😦
    Now fixed!! 🙂

    Sending you many blessings, dear one!!


    1. Becca, Thank you for your kind words…I sincerely appreciate them.
      I seem to follow bread crumbs too……I love that description of going from blog to blog…I do that all the time! Welcome back.


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