I just don’t have time to worry about….

Time really is very precious,
and to “waste” that  time
being concerned about what others might be thinking about us

would be an unfortunate use of something that is very precious…

Sometimes we might “worry” or be “concerned” about what other people might be thinking about what we’re saying or doing. That can get to be a real burden and can actually inhibit lots of positive ideas and  actions.

Instead of concerning oneself about other people’s reactions,
or continually seeking the approval of others,
to simply learn to check one’s own motivation
and if the motivation is positive,
to simply rest in the trust and confidence of that positive motivation….

Here’s some very helpful advice that I received a few months ago from a trusted friend who is a Buddhist monk…

I also try to keep in mind that people are very, very different….
what might be thought of as worthwhile by one person
might not be considered worthwhile to another.
So, what’s works for me, might not work for another…
and to not concern myself with that difference…

And so, again,

to go back to looking at my own motivation

and decide what’s the right thing to say or do

based on my own positive perspective,

rather than the perspective of others.


Note: this is a repost from June and May…I find this to be a somewhat challenging area …but like everyone else, I  just keep taking “one step at a time” and “keep chipping away at it”…slowly, slowly…

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12 Responses to I just don’t have time to worry about….

  1. nrhatch says:

    Great reminder. If we know that we acted for the right reasons, then it pays not to worry if our actions are misinterpreted by others.


  2. Yes…so important…. and Nancy…you might like this…Pat, from Source for Inspiration posted at the same time I did… http://patcegan.wordpress.com/2011/10/24/dont-call-me-nice/ Pat was the first blogger I ever found, back in July, and was/is a real inspiration…a strong, kind, independent woman.


  3. zendictive says:

    the road of life is like a race, there will be shouts from the sidelines both good and bad, some will be of encouragement and others ‘not so’; just keep going forward (~_~) I like the way you lay out your post with art.



    • I like that analogy to the race with shouts from the sidelines….thanks. And the art/images in my posts?…Well, I’ve been making those for years…actually those came first, with no words added to explain them. For me, they “spoke for themselves”. Adding the words for a post is the hard part, but adding the words has actually helped me develop a broader understanding. Maybe it’s a bit like learning from your stories in your posts…the understanding of the concept is there. But I love how you add the simple one sentence “in other words” at the end.


  4. This was a good reminder to check my motives. Sometimes my insecurities prompt certain actions and then the results are disappointing. Of course they are!! When I do things from a healthy place and then leave it alone, things fall nicely into place.


  5. Warrior Poet Wisdom says:

    So very true. Only when we let go of our own ego, our own selfish wants and desires, and focus on service to others, can we ever truly be free of the constantly need of approval and fear of what others think of us.
    Peace & strength,


  6. bobmichaels says:

    Very Good thoughts. I agree…


  7. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Applause! I don’t have time to care what others think either – what is more, I don’t really care!


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