Nurturing… 10,000 flowers …in our hearts and minds



Nurturing 10,000 our hearts and minds






Nurturing 10,000 “flowers”…
“flowers” in our hearts and minds


Nurturing positive qualities in ourselves and others

Nurturing interests, activities, curiosities,
learnings, endeavors

Nurturing acts of goodness, kindness and generosity

Nurturing beauty, inspiration and connections

Nurturing….10,000 “flowers”


Nurturing 10,000 flowers goodness kindness generosity




Nurturing Thursday: part of Nurturing Thursdays, hosted at Becca Given’s blog, On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea. Please visit Becca’s site for her Nurturing Thursday post and for links to posts of other frequent contributors to Nurturing Thursdays.

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12 Responses to Nurturing… 10,000 flowers …in our hearts and minds

  1. Refreshing and nurturing!


  2. becca givens says:

    A field of flowers are a feast for the eyes and balm for the soul! 😀


  3. A flower for each positive intention. Lovely post ..
    Namaste …


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  5. Meg Evans says:

    Yes, lovely to imagine!


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  7. Elizabeth says:

    Flowers are the best! I like to have almost one close by me, so I can see beauty and purity all the time.


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