So many of you responded so warmly to the previous post, “Sisters, sisters take my hand,” the special poem written by my Aunt Okie for her sister Kay….and so I extend a short update…

Esther, 97, the oldest sister, (center in the photos) had a stroke several days ago … my Aunt Okie called me this afternoon (I’m across the country)  to let me know that Esther passed away peacefully this morning.

Esther  had a very long and good life…

filled with…
a loving husband,
3 energetic and loving daughters,
oodles of grandchildren and great grandchildren,
flowers growing abundantly, bountiful vegetable gardens,  amazing raspberry patches, yummy homemade jams, delicious blueberry cakes…..

patiently researching pioneer New England roots,
participating in the historical society,
appreciating poetry,
writing her own books…
an appreciation of life and the people in it…

a very  long and very good life.

Esther is in the center in both of the photos…Okie on the left, Kay on the right


May we all live our own lives
with sincerity, kindness, dignity and love ….
and may each of our lives be long and good…


another poem written by Okie, in 1997, and then updated in 2010…
she quoted those last 2 lines to me today…

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21 Responses to Sisters….

  1. AngelaMarie says:

    What a beautiful poem!! I love this:
    “My heaven’s on earth, it’s the things that I share
    with the whole human race- I really care.”


  2. May we all live as fully and abundantly and creatively as Esther!! Thank you for sharing her story. The heavens have received another being of Light…


  3. Thank you for sharing this timely post a few days ago and then again today. My deepest sympathy to you and Esther’s treasured sisters. I like Okie’s take on religion…”unclassified.” The New Testament ushered in relationships, our relationship with our Maker. Let it be so personal, cherished and sweet to be ours with our Lord. We all stand on the shoulders of Okie, Esther and Kay. Again, thank you for sharing.


  4. judithhb says:

    Thank you once again for sharing this part of your life with us. I forwarded your earlier post on these three sisters to each of my sisters in other parts of the world and I shall do the same with this one.
    I love the final two lines added to Okie’s poem. This will prove a comfort to you all in the days to come.


  5. becca givens says:

    I offer my deepest sympathy to you, Esther’s family and the entire clan connected in the loss of this beautiful spirit on earth. May she continue to watch over each of you, as she rejoices with the Maker.


  6. veehcirra says:

    Reading the poem my eyes got wet and I felt goosebumps…what a beautiful soul.


  7. Thank you for sharing about your aunt… what a beautiful life! That poem rings so true, my heart is very full from reading it.


  8. I linked this post to Dawn, one of my cousin, one of Esther’s daughters…Dawn,..or any others… if you arrive here, I think you can see how people are touched by Esther’s life, Okie’s poems and the connection among the sisters…I guess you 3 sisters, Dawn, Linda and Rita, might have that connection too. (did you see the comments on this post and the other…from Judith who lives in New Zealand and has 2 sisters, one in LA and one in London…)


  9. Dienna says:

    I’m sorry for your loss.
    It looks like she lived a very warm and fulfilling life.


  10. nrhatch says:

    Another beautiful post, Kathy.
    Sorry for your loss . . . sounds like Esther had a wonderful time here.


  11. granbee says:

    RIP Esther–watching over you, pocket–and her two remaining sisters. I just know it! Bless you for sharing more details of her life with us here. And thank you so much for posting this wonderful poem/life philosophy piece of Okie’s! Good writing and deep thinking runs in your DNA, obviously. Blessed are you!


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