Leaping….with curiosity, enthusiasm, intention, trust and goodheartedness

A new month begins…
and the “anniversary” of my first year of “blogging”….
I’ve definitely leaped into blogging…
I’ve learned so much,
gained so much more confidence,
taken more chances,
connected with so many others
and I thank you all for your part in that

And so April begins
Taking a few moments to glance at…
more life leaps…
where I’ve been…
where I am now…
and where I might be heading in the next few months…
not about blogs, but about “life” changes
a bit of reflection…
and where I might be leaping soon…

At New Year’s, I posted this polar bear
leaping into the New Year
I’ve been busy living lots of the positive aspirations
that were on that page.

And more leaping…
a big change is coming along
shifting from work mode
into being independently and creatively engaged
“retiring”…or hopefully more like “rewiring”
using developed skills in new and innovative ways
taking that new leap now, too…

So, leaping into April…
and into the next few months…
hopefully reconnecting with that wonderful youthful sense of…
curiosity, enthusiasm, intention, strength and goodheartedness…

A bit like I used to do
when leaping from my very own “jumping rock”
(btw…that’s me getting ready to jump off that rock…a favorite activity when I was little…although it looks like I got distracted and was dancing brightly, before jumping)

Sometimes, when big changes come along
I might start to worry….
to take life a bit too “seriously”
and tend to lose the “lightness and brightness”

And so…an additional aspiration
May I continue to “dance brightly”
to leap happily
as I make ongoing transitions
throughout the next few months and years

And so…
combining positive life-long ways and approaches to living life…
making choices…
………past……..to present………to future……

Continuing to leap into life…
with curiosity, enthusiasm, intention, trust and goodheartedness…

May we all make positive and goodhearted transitions
each day of our lives….

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17 Responses to Leaping….with curiosity, enthusiasm, intention, trust and goodheartedness

  1. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Congratulations on your first year! Thank you for your support. I am sorry I don’t spend more time here, but I think you know what my life is like – hectic with a big bold H. *sigh*


    • Yes….very Hectic for you! …but please remember how what you’re writing will have the potential to help others avoid what your family had to go through…a BIG difference…please keep leaping into that writing….. and mothering! : )


  2. what a delightful post to begin my day with. I especially like the “may I dance brightly” sign. Magical days are ahead. Dance on!


  3. Happy Anniversary. That seems to be a theme lately. šŸ™‚


  4. Yes, several anniversaries…some days I spend more time with creating new “pages” and creating posts, sometimes playful like this one, for the blogs than I do with my husband…whoops!…creating pages with leaping polar bears and me dancing brightly before leaping off jumping rocks is so much fun!


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  6. nrhatch says:

    Is that little girl pointing at the camera you? Cute!

    Happy Anniversary.


    • Yup, that’s me…apparently it was a favorite activity…standing on my “jumping rock” and trying to decide whether to take a chance!…one of those defying gravity concerns, I guess. And Nancy, thank you so much for your encouragement as I’ve been venturing into blogging…thank you.


    • nrhatch says:

      You’re welcome, Kathy. It’s been a pleasure. Almost as much fun as jumping from rocks as a kid! Wheee . . .


  7. sufilight says:

    Happy Anniversary, Kathy! So glad to have connected in the blogsphere with you, Nancy, Veeh, and a few others. I too I am basically new in WordPress and have enjoyed the journey and inspiration.


    • Thanks Marie…I have learned sooooo much about creating posts, finding the words to communicate ideas…and developing the confidence to share them …it really has been a journey. Thank you to you, too, for your wonderful encouragement on the blogs…I was so lacking in confidence that I don’t know whether I would have continued without you, Nancy, Art… and now many others. Thank you so much… : )


    • nrhatch says:

      And thank you . . . both!


  8. granbee says:

    I am leaping all over the place, even a few “molehills” that I falsely thought were blocking my way, after reading and drinking in your wonderful post here. Such a fitting celebration one year of blogging from a most creating and joyous spirit! I join you in the leaping and skipping!


  9. Ah ha…..someone to leap and skip with!…thanks for joining me! : )


  10. brittany220 says:

    Great, inspirational words! We all need reminders to not take life too seriously and to remember to keep curious and light about our adventures.


    • Hi Brittany… I really benefit from reminders to myself to “lighten up”….I can easily slip into taking life more seriously than it needs to be taken….and that doesn’t seem to benefit me or anyone else. That;s probably one reason why I really like teaching little kids; they are so joyful and fun that I “catch” it from them!…I keep that “dancing brightly” page close by to help remind me, too.


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