A whole lot of kitty love…or a whole lot of kitty grooming

Have you ever been the giver….or receiver….
of an excess of activated “mothering” energy?
That urge to take care of too much?
To get involved too many times?
To go past the limits of what another person might be in the  mood for?
Or maybe just feeling energized
by that extra dose of nurturing hormones
and no where to put it?


Well the kitties in the following linked videos found the willing recipients…their dogs.

There’s a  series of very funny videos on Huff Post….“15 Cats Grooming Dogs”
that title doesn’t do justice to how cute some of the videos are…
17 different kitties grooming their very patient dog-friends…
really endearing


Here’s a  “still photo-clip” from the front page of the article,
“15 Cats Grooming Dogs”
(or click that link to get to all of the videos…some of them are really special! )


Here’s one of the videos:


And a few more still photos from a few of those funny scenes…


Lots of kitties showing a whole lot of love…
or at least a whole lot of grooming….
for their dog-friends!

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16 Responses to A whole lot of kitty love…or a whole lot of kitty grooming

  1. barb19 says:

    Oh my gosh, that is adorable – and when the cat stops, the dogs is asking for more! Fantastic video, thanks for sharing.


  2. Aren’t they cute!….such funny videos!


  3. nrhatch says:

    So sweet when animals care for animals. 😀


  4. brittany220 says:

    Aww that’s really cute! 🙂


  5. Animals are so amazing, aren’t they? That chihuahua was really loving it! You know, my current cat grooms for an inordinate amount of time that I had to ask the vet if there were something wrong with her!!


  6. veehcirra says:

    Ooh they are so adorable…


  7. The really are adorable…what lovely relationships the kitties have with their dogs…very tender and nurturing.


  8. granbee says:

    So wonderful this detailed sharing of “kitty love”. My little Malti-poo boy, Dutch, grooms everyone and every fellow pet! He is so very loving and caring, yet fierce in protecting his home and family members! You light up my heart with joy with this post and the triggering it does to appreciate all the joys in my own home!


    • Oh, Dutch must be a wonderful friend! (and since you call him you little Malti-poo boy, he must be wonderfully loved!) What an interesting combination of loving and caring, and protective too…I know that combination, too…that “mother bear” sense…
      Isn’t it wonderful to feel that sense of joy and light in one’s heart and in one’s home….loving pets sure help to nurture that!


  9. Robin says:

    Awwww! How cute! I cannot imagine my cats doing that. They eye the dogs that come to visit here with disdain. lol! The cat in the one labeled “Cat licking dog — Who’s the boss here” looks exactly like my Bella.


  10. I was really surprised that those cats, and dogs, were so cooperative with each other, too. Usually cats do cast looks of “disdain”… and I love the coloring on that cat…Bella must be very pretty. Starbuck, my daughter’s cat, has that coloring too…very warm colors! btw…Does Bella have a “web presence”???….the kitty of a photographer, after all. (referring to Starbuck’s “Starbuck Moments” which has made it to google image search level…so funny to see that!)


    • Robin says:

      Bella (and her sister Izzy) show up on my blog occasionally. I promised when I adopted the kittens that I would not do a lot of cat blogging. It was a joke of sorts (long story involving those LOL cats), but I’ve stuck to it for the most part.


  11. I think I remember Bella in some photos??…those brain cells of mine have a hard time with access… : ) I love the antics of cats, so I happily enjoy posts with cats in them. You have more restraint than I do. : )


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