But….but….but….what about the way it’s “supposed to be” ???? …learning to accept and let go

If I wrote, produced, directed  and “starred” in a movie
about some of the ways we live our lives
…me included…..
it might be titled…..

“The Way It Is Supposed To Be”


Sometimes we may  have firm ideas, preferences, hopes and expectations for how we want things to be…

in our own lives,
in the lives of our loved ones,
the lives of  not-so-loved ones
and the rest of the people in the world….


And at times those “firm” ideas may even develop  into strong or rigid expectations…

a script  that might lead to lots of
impatience, disappointment and frustration.

But that tendency can be turned around…a different movie CAN be created…once there is awareness and understanding of the deception in that original point of view….


The new movie will still involve
each one of us writing, producing and directing our parts of the movie…
now including our own transformed “preferences, hopes and expectations”….
a movie with much  happier and more satisfying everyday lives…
for both ourselves and others….



So….here is a short 3 minute movie/slideshow…. one that leads through that transition from firm expectations to bewilderment to more acceptance and understanding…..
from Kathy,  the creator of the film company  ” Illusional Film Productions 🙄 ”

“The Way It Is Supposed to Be”



May we all learn to let go of those “supposed to be’s”
and be able to enter the flow of ……..
flexibility, patience, kindness, acceptance,
tolerance, understanding

and wisdom


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14 Responses to But….but….but….what about the way it’s “supposed to be” ???? …learning to accept and let go

  1. zendictive says:

    a grand post (~_~) wisdom blossoms here


  2. nrhatch says:

    Wonderful post, Kathy. When we learn to embrace things as they are (instead of as we want them to be), happiness blooms. 😀

    Loved the harp music . . . great FLOW!


    • Thank you, Nancy…yes, slowly we learn to get this point….acceptance really does lead to a lovely kind of happiness.

      I wrote most of the first pages of this “booklet” several years ago, and there were some very sad pages I took out…I’m surprised how much I didn’t understand at that point and do have a deeper understanding of now…..a bit like peeling through layers of an onion, I guess.

      And finding music that worked with this….I tried lots of different soundtracks and just as I was about to give up…..I found the harp music…whew, that was a relief. : )


  3. sufilight says:

    You are very talented, Kathy. As I was watching the “way it’s supposed to be”, I was thinking how wonderful this would be as a presentation in an organization or group where people need help such as a women’s shelter.


    • Thank you, Marie. If anyone knows of people who might benefit from this, please feel free to share.
      I might add…in my own personal life, my husband and I have been very very fortunate..so many wonderful opportunities…. and have had things fall smoothly into place… it has, however, been difficult to watch as several loved ones have lived with great challenges…that was my own difficulty…..my inability to help them. I actually thought that I was unusual in those difficulties, but am now realizing that so many people are dealing with so much.


  4. enermazing says:

    Wonderful video, Kathy 🙂 Creativity means challenging “the way it’s supposed to be” – 24/7 is an adequate schedule 😉


    • Thanks Maria….now that’s an intriguing idea…to think of creativity as challenging the ways it’s supposed to be… I guess it would be… since creativity involves stepping out of a more routine, conditioned point of view to an “out of the box” perspective?… hmmmmm….gotta think about that one for awhile….


  5. Robin says:

    Wonderful video, Kathy. I especially like the idea of continuous showings of “…flow…” 🙂


  6. eof737 says:

    Good job! See, I said that on the last post… You are good at what you do. Embrace it! 🙂


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