Notice the positives…

Notice the positives…..even if the mind isn’t looking in that direction…even if it doesn’t want to see them….notice those positives….and notice them again….they’re there….notice them again….and again….and again….until it becomes a habit…please, notice those positives….


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8 Responses to Notice the positives…

  1. Kathy, are you in cahoots with God? LOL!! Positives!!! This sounds so easy, looking at the positives, but those darn negatives are so flashy and obvious. It seems they distract me from seeing the good stuff. But….thanks to you my lady, today I am FOCUSING on the POSITIVES!!!
    Have a beautiful weekend my dear;)


    • I posted that image because I was having a challenge with seeing the negatives and not being able to see the good stuff…sometimes that’s such a challenge! Here’s hoping we both can keep an eye out and awareness of the positives today…warm smiles back to you…kahty


  2. Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them again and then tell them what you told them.


    • : ) …I guess after many years of teaching school, I’ve learned that pattern….but didn’t realize that I do it here…thanks for pointing it out.
      You also hit the nail on the head (or a thumbtack on corkboard) in your comment about “bulletin boards of a lifetime” ….my “image pages” are a lot like bulletin boards and an accumulation of my own life lessons…ah, I used to love creating new bulletin boards…now I do “pages”… : )


  3. nrhatch says:

    When we stop looking for the “worst thing that might happen” . . . we have energy to picture the “best that could happen.” 😀


  4. sufilight says:

    Noticing the negatives is a habit many have even when things are going well in their lives, and unfortunately attracts negativity. Noticing the positive over and over again has always been wise to do as there is generally something beautiful or positive in our personal space be it a sky filled with stars or a rose in the midst of the thorns.


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