As we “bumble” our way along…. a bumble bee perspective

Ah, yes…mistakes….


making mistakes as we’re living our lives.

I try to remember that mistakes are going to happen…life is so complex, there are so many factors, “causes and conditions”  in all people and all situations…and when we encounter situations that might bring out our own inexperience or weaknesses….or those of other people…

ouch, mistakes sometimes happen….


And so may we all develop
increasing understanding, awareness, insight,
acceptance, kindness, and patience

As we sometimes “bumble” our way through life…..


Accepting and forgiving….ourselves and others…
learning as we go….


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12 Responses to As we “bumble” our way along…. a bumble bee perspective

  1. sufilight says:

    I wonder if I hadn’t made the mistakes I did in life if I would have developed empathy, compassion and the ability to understand non-judgement at the level I do, maybe not. And so I repeat along with you:

    “And so may we all develop
    increasing understanding, awareness, insight,
    acceptance, kindness, and patience
    As we sometimes “bumble” our way through life…..”


  2. I love the bumbling along analogy. Sometimes I feel like a bumbling idiot, making the same foolish mistakes over and over.
    We’re all bumblers, so that kind of eases the pain. But I want my bumbling to count for something. I’ve got bruises all over my wings from crashing into stuff;)
    Lovely Post!


    • Ohhhh, I know that feeling….I got a few bruises on my wings yesterday….by making one of those recurring mistake again…..sigh…acceptance, kindness, understanding…regrouping and moving along… : ) ..wishing you well… : )


  3. Joni Beach says:

    Oh so true…thanks for “liking” my post! Glad to have your visits…jb


  4. eof737 says:

    Mistakes can be our best teachers… look at those bees bumbling around and doing work that helps make delicious honey… 😉
    I’m working on catching up again after a hectic workshop week again. 🙂


    • Yes…that’s a wonderful reminder…the honey…. : )
      I don’t know how you experienced bloggers can even begin to keep up with life, jobs, writing your insightful posts, reading other’s blogs, commenting etc…I’m in awe!


  5. Beautiful, golden words of wisdom coupled with wonderful bumble bee photos.Personally, I made so many mistakes , big and small, painful with huge negative effects sometimes. But it’s this mistakes that led me to the right path and made into a stronger person, Mistakes reminds us that we are human, that we can be vulnerable , that we need a more powerful force than us to help us go through the trials we face everday.Thank you for sharing an important post that gives an invaluable lesson to us all. A blessed day to you and your family.


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