*** Pocket Perspectives “booklets” viewable on youtube ***

I’ve converted many “booklets” that I’ve created over the past 5 or 6 years into powerpoints and they are now on youtube…now that’s remarkable progress for a “non-techie” person…. : )   The youtube link provides easy access to the “booklets”….there’s a variety of topics, depending upon what was going on at the time they were created.

Pocket Perspectives Channel:  booklets on youtube 


(to access the choices menu, after you get to youtube, click above the first booklet, where it says 24 videos”. That will access 4 pages of choices….pick and choose. )

I’m putting the booklets on youtube
in case some of them might be helpful to anyone else..
creating them and reflecting on them
really helped me learn to shift, adjust, adapt…
and to develop some more helpful perspectives.

If I were to specify  the topics in the different booklets, they might include a real variety….. many of them have to do with coping or coming to terms with loss or struggle…but there are some happy ones there too….lots and lots of variety….some “tags” might include encouragement, motivation, coping, courage, happiness, persistence, perspectives, appreciation, gratitude, acceptance, frustration, disruptions, mindfulness, motivation, personal growth…I’m converting a few of the older booklets each day, so there will be more…

I hope some of the booklets might be helpful to others…

About Pocket Perspectives

A blog about shifting perspectives...
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2 Responses to *** Pocket Perspectives “booklets” viewable on youtube ***

  1. nrhatch says:

    Wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hopefully they’ll be useful for someone. And if not, well, I guess that would be the good news that people have their “stuff” figured out already. : )


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