Creating Ripples …creating positive ripples throughout our days…

Creating Ripples…

Please click on forward arrow to begin slide show (it’s very pretty viewed  “full screen”)



May we all create a multitude of ripples throughout our days…


A great big “thank you!” to my daughter Julie, who just showed me how to format and upload a slide show of this “booklet” that I had created several years ago, save it as a draft and set a time to “publish” it in the morning!!!! wow!!!…..that kind of help might be more like a gigantic splashing wave than a ripple! Thank you, Julie….  : )

I just found a remarkable website, created by a 10 year old child and her mother…. they are certainly creating their own ripples….it’s called “Inspirational Quotes and Pictures” and is at The photo/quote below is from that site and ties in nicely with “creating ripples”…and so to keep in mind: thoughts to words to behavior to habits to values to destiny….special.

And another “ripple” created: a link to a short video of the rescue of a fawn that had been trapped overnight in some large rocks. A FawnRescue  (actual rescue is at 2:20 on the video)

Link to another post of Creating Ripples

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4 Responses to Creating Ripples …creating positive ripples throughout our days…

  1. nrhatch says:

    Beautiful post. Reminds me of a song I wrote:

    Ripples on the water
    Like waves upon the sand
    Will return to you
    Again and again and again


  2. Nice words…mp3 link? : )


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