Sydney Australia Sea Eagle Cam

Link to Sydney White Bellied Sea Eagle Live Cam: Sydney Eagle Live Cam

 For those of us who might love watching eagles…

2 new eaglets have hatched in Sydney, Australia

Update: 8/20  The 1st baby eagle died in the nest. The 2nd eaglet is alive and healthy.

I’ve been watching the Canadian Hornby Eagle live cam for 2 years…and it’s really remarkable  (!!) to watch the growth and development of the eaglets and the amazing care by their parents. Those eaglets have fledged and they are about to leave with the mother and father for the fishing grounds in British Columbia.

And so,  I bid a very fond “fare thee well” to the 2 Hornby Eaglets and their parents…a special 5 minute youtube video of their lives from hatching in Winter, 2011 ’til now….

And….a Camelot “adieu”

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1 Response to Sydney Australia Sea Eagle Cam

  1. nrhatch says:

    Very cool video ~ lovely to see the passage of time. Wonderful parents. 😀


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