“Disruptions”…progressions through time

I created this particular  “booklet” four ago, after creating the booklet in the previous post…“The Sweetness of…”.  As I looked at my own life and the lives of others, I  was trying to figure out the sequence of disruptions…what was going on within that obscuring overlay….how they start, how they progress and how they eventually progress to a state of resolution… (that’s sometimes referred to as …”arise….abide…dissolve….” )

(btw…I put many examples onto those disruptions and disorganization pages….just for examples…thankfully, I didn’t personally have most of those difficulties or reactions! ..but, of course, many people do…and so I put them on there)

What I realized is that if one can step outside of a reaction, emotion or mood….and see that there is a structure and sequence to the process….that perspective can be helpful and lead to more patience, resilience and hope during that challenging time…

As I wrote in the post, “The Sweetness of….”,  I’m fine now…but I still keep this idea in mind as I go through the smaller everyday types of challenges….at this time, not as often and not as big as they were previously…and for that I am very thankful!

I’m posting these “Disruptions” pages in case there might be others who might benefit from this perspective….and if there are any people reading who might be in the middle of a “disruption”, I hope it might help, even if only in a tiny way… gentle and encouraging smiles to you….kathy


Link to Power Point of “Disruptions, Progressions Through Time”: larger images and easier to read  (manual display of slides)

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