Living life’s opportunities…..

I often get insightful advice about living more effectively and happily in each day…from a friend named Jampa.  I usually put his ideas onto another site, but it often is so applicable to my ordinary everyday living…and so I sometimes put it here, too.

The photo in that page above…it’s taken from a video that my daughter J. took Christmas night, as my husband and I had a wonderful time trying to follow the steps on the wii dance program…dancing to “Fernando”…a song I happen to really like and love dancing to!

wii dance…
just one of life’s

oddly joyful

The video…another joy-filled opportunity…. which we didn’t see until today is absolutely hilarious…and so the joy and happiness of the dancing continued today as we watched it on  youtube… a private channel…not on the Pocket Perspectives youtube channel, that’s for sure!!!

We used to be “the party people”…. of our friends and family…hosting a few really fun parties each year… not so much anymore…but it seems we can still rise to the occasion….

may we all continue to  look at life
and try our best
to live its many, many opportunities….


Added/remembered several hours later…a wish I had made seems to be coming true: In October  I created some pages/post and a video called “May I Dance Brightly”…. about learning to dance my own dance….live my own life… I wrote to the same friend who had written the message on that top image…and explained what I was trying to say in that “dancing brightly” page….and made a wish…

the wish was
“to lighten up”

I put that wish onto the page below…including my friend’s response above and below the main part….it’s also at the bottom of that October Dancing Brightly post…and that colorful page has been on the bedroom window and the bathroom mirror…wow…I wonder if this is the power of my own suggestion/wish for myself????….after the first month, I wasn’t really aware of even looking at that message….but maybe it’s going in…. it said….

“this is a wish that I’m able to lighten up
and enjoy people and my life
….to not get bogged down in things…
to laugh and be happy,
 to enjoy myself and others…
to be comfortable in how I do things,
  and not judging myself
or trying to be like others
 who might be doing things differently from me….
so this is a wish that I have… : )”

Georgette left a comment about the above page….
“The last image looks like a t-shirt.
May I wear that t-shirt comfortably and choose to wear it often.
Happy New Year.”

Here’s “Dancing Brightly”…from October…music and all…  : )

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20 Responses to Living life’s opportunities…..

  1. sufilight says:

    Life is indeed filled with opportunities and sometimes we miss them by not living fully in the moment. I don’t socialize much these days, but also can have a good time. 🙂 Thanks for this Pocket Perspective message for the day!


    • Hi Marie…. you’re very welcome…yes, there are so many opportunities…I hope I’ll stay more aware and open to them… And, ah yes…socializing…really not much here either, but also still enjoy having a good time… I hope I can lighten up this year.


      • Marie…I just noticed that hope that I wrote about “ligthening up this year”….and it reminded me of a wish that I had made in October…with those exact words…I added those to the bottom of this post…. my goodness…the power of a wish/intention????


  2. That so beautiful , filled with heartfelt inspiring thoughts. So true that we should live for “Now” and face life possibilities with total surrender and optimism. We can be happy in any situation, It’s a matter of choice and how we look at things and events. Thanks for letting me remember today. ” I choose to be happy…now and for 2012…and forever I hope!
    Happy New Year. May blessings of love , joy and peace be with you and your family for always…


    • I am so happy that you relate to the ideas….and yes….that’s a good reminder from you…”it’s a matter of choice and how we look at things and events.”….thank you for that…I tend to forget that, at times….
      and a very happy New Year to you and your family, too…


  3. The last image looks like a t-shirt. May I wear that t-shirt comfortably and choose to wear it often. Happy New Year.
    Thank you for your pocket perspectives these past months. I have told some friends and family that when I need advice, I pull them out of my pocket to consult them…then…lo…you have a blog that offers just that.


    • Georgette….that last image does look like a t shirt…and I love that idea of wearing it…so…I just revised the page and put it at the bottom of the post…. now it really looks like a t shirt!…..and so for one to remember that at first it might feel a bit stiff or new, but with frequent wearing of it, it will become soft and comfortable…thanks for that idea!
      And you may have seen in the about section that I put some/many of these ideas/images on little pocket cards and every morning put several of them in my pocket…. useful for learning to follow/live the ideas and for when insightful friends and family aren’t around. : ) I’m so happy to hear that some of the ideas in this blog might be of value to you…


  4. zendictive says:

    I love your wisdom expressed in a creative form
    living in the moment, grasping the emotion that flows through us and ride it out like an amusement park ride, that includes anger and dis pare


    • I sometimes have a bit of a different way of approaching ideas….maybe my backdoor?…or front door?…. and yes…the amusement park ride with the range and variety of emotions and reactions…I like the positive, but realize there is a range of reactions… sometimes more than I would prefer to have.. 🙄


  5. nrhatch says:

    Good energy in dancing . . . and this post. 😀


  6. Barb says:

    To stay in the moment. That’s my resolution this year. Thanks for the photos, they give the perspective that there are bigger things than our little me-world.


    • I’ve been plugging away at coming back to the moment….it seems to take time, but with persistence, it’s getting a bit better. I like the way you phrase that… “there are bigger things than our little-me world”…thanks


  7. cuhome says:

    Wonderful post, great photo, sublime thoughts!!


  8. judithhb says:

    I love these images you produce and hope you don’t mind if I print them off and put them around the study where I can see them.
    I particularly like this post. I always say that life surely is a dance – I wrote a blog on this earlier this year – My very favourite song of all time is Leann Womak’s “I hope you dance” Do you know this song? Here’s the link to Youtube –
    Happy New Year and I hope you continue to post all these inspirational blogs. 🙂


    • Oh, I’m so happy to share everything that I make…that’s why I started the blog in the first place…to share whatever people might find helpful or relate to….I also have them printed out…and posted around the house and in my classroom…and even a few little ones in the car.
      I actually have created several “pages” asking whether anyone would/might like some of the translucent suncatcher/window hangers…I have lots of extras and would love to share them. For me to think of some of the ideas being on people’s windows around the country or the world…that would be such a wonderful thought…odd thing is that that it seems to take courage to offer to give them away…in case no one wanted them…but I think maybe I’ll still be posting the several page…I have extras of 15 different suncatchers that are all on this blog…. the pages show what I have lots of and would love to share with others….maybe January 1st…
      I love the Leann Womak song too… I wrote a comment just now in your post about how I would love to be able to dance as gracefully in life as I do when I actually dance.


  9. ElizOF says:

    Here’s to life and many moments of celebration. 🙂


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