Appreciation: “The Sweetness of…”

“The Sweetness of….”  …  the potential….

Possibly obscuring that potential…

Making a transition…..

This idea of “The Sweetness of….” 

really inspires me to notice and appreciate the positives in my life.

These images are  from a “multipage booklet”, compiled onto one page… I created the booklet several years ago, when I was trying to “wake up”  and become more consciously aware of  having so many positives in my life…I  filled in each of the many  iridescent spots  with specific examples of what I appreciated with that sense…

The first image shows the potential of being aware of  “The Sweetness of ….”

I made that page to remind myself that the potential really was there.

I knew the potential was there, but I couldn’t experience it.

At the time when I created the booklet, I was very preoccupied with lots of concerns and worries and actually could NOT even see (nor hear, taste, feel, sense)  the beauty and wonder around me…I just couldn’t take it in. To try to show that dynamic, I
next  created a clear transparency overlay
that could be flipped down, on top of each “Sweetness” page… the overlay was murky… it showed how “preoccupation” was making it difficult for me to see any beauty or wonder…That “Sweetness  of ….” page is slightly visible underneath…but obscured by the worries…

The booklet was spiral bound, on the side and along the top…so that each murky overlay could be flipped down or flipped up….so that I could really see that  “the Sweetness…”  was still there…and to work toward lifting the filmy overlays, so I could experience that sweetness once again.

And then the visual images showing the transition …

That booklet was actually very inspiring to me… it helped me to SEE the way I was feeling and to realize that I could learn, with help and time, to be able to once again live with the sense of  “The Sweetness of…”

I’m fine now…

I do experience “The Sweetness of….”

in so many ways …

and I am so thankful to have that …

My hope for all of us… is that we can learn to adjust, cope or handle whatever is in each of our own murky overlays… and to be able to reawaken to the precious sweetness available to each of us in our everyday lives…maybe on our own, perhaps with help…but to keep firmly in mind that this transition is possible…it can be done.

Note to anyone reading this: Trying to put the ideas expressed in these images into actual words and sentences was soooo difficult…..Do they make sense to others? Are they helpful to anyone else?   Was I able to explain the images and the importance of what they are trying to say?   Do you “get it” ???  Have others noticed feeling this way?  Just kind of curious about this…

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5 Responses to Appreciation: “The Sweetness of…”

  1. hugmamma says:

    You’re right, the sweetness in life is there for us to discover. We just need to be open, to be attuned, and to relish. 🙂


  2. shelley says:

    I get it!

    I will always be working on a better understanding of myself. Reminders are helpful, and in this post- inspiring. Thank you.

    I appreciate the way you pointed out that it’s not just time that will heal or bring us to an awakening; it’s what we do with that time, we need help during that time.


    • Yes….becoming aware of both potential “sweetness” and the effect of the challenges/overlay is an important start…but, as you write, to take some type of “action over a period of time” to get help, in whatever way works for each one of us…to support that transition…I’ve found that there as soooo many kinds of healing support available.
      And I guess I could add…. “patience” to that page?…or maybe “impatience” would be better??….patient enough to realize it takes time, but impatient enough to be fed up with not seeing the “sweetness” and to work towards “shifting”?…or I guess both?
      Thank you so much for your ideas…I really appreciate them….kathy


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