“The Magical Mystery Tour”…hypothetical thinking

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Sometimes habitual  “hypothetical  thinking” can be a bit like an illusionary “Magical Mystery Tour” on a carousel. If it’s positive hypothetical thinking, maybe it’s like one of those wonderful, smoothly flowing, colorful horses…an exaggerated illusion, but still pleasant.  If it’s negative hypothetical thinking…well, maybe a beat up, damaged horse with a few splinters or spots of grease and a bumpier ride.

Once we start noticing our thinking, we may see the type of ride we’re going to get… before we get on….or perhaps getting on anyways..then the carousel starts and we’re on for the duration….

The problem isn’t so much in the actual thinking…

the problem is that thoughts often touch on tender areas

and those tender areas inevitably lead to feelings…

and the feelings then become the challenge.

And so…to continue to work hard and  learn to start watching  carefully for hypothetical thinking...to be very wary of starting it or  believing it…and to be careful to not let it continue to the point that it impacts feelings…because the reality is that “thoughts lead to feelings”. And if it does lead to challenging feelings, to learn to then back up and realize the  possibility of mistaken hypothetical thoughts that lead to that spot…

This post is a variation on the following 4 or 5  posts…all having to do with imagined or hypothesized thinking.…Particularly troublesome can be the more negative thinking…thinking that might lead to feelings of ….”not good enough”, “not loved or valued or appreciated or accepted enough”, “not smart or talented enough”… etc etc etc….all tender spots in many of us.

I wish us all well

in learning to NOT get onto those carousel horses

that carry us into our “Magical Mystery Tours”

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