May all our innate seeds of natural bravery…..

 I read this line in Tari Brand’s blog, Celebration of Now,  “By helping others we help ourselves,” a quote from Gaylon Ferguson:

“It’s up to us.

May all our innate seeds of natural bravery

flower as communities of compassionate courage.”

What an inspirational thought and idea…to tap into those seeds of natural bravery that we all have….

 to take each one of those seeds of natural bravery…
of kind and courageous thoughts, words and deeds,
to plant them, as a community,
into gardens of compassionate courage…
and to nurture them
and do whatever  needs to be done
to  help each and  every one of  them grow.


I  used a garden photo in the background of that top page…one that was just posted on Pondering Turtle’s blog….her own lovely little garden in Australia...a photo of  her own plot, which is part of a larger community garden. She mentioned that when she first planted her own garden, there were many empty plots, and she wanted to help  bring those empty plots alive….so she planted a few sunflower seeds in each empty plot..and now they have grown. Maybe she can take photos of the different sunflowers in the various plots…her very own garden of seeds of compassionate courage and action.

I actually do consider sunflowers to be a symbol of courage….innate bravery….and so now it expands to the community of compassionate courage….“advice from the sunflower”

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14 Responses to May all our innate seeds of natural bravery…..

  1. zendictive says:

    excellent advice and wonderful presentation, a positive post, I do enjoy your creative works and your wit filled writes (~_~)


  2. tari brand says:

    looks beautiful. thanks for mentioning my blog. it’s a wonderful quote.


  3. enermazing says:

    Thank you, Sunflower 😉


  4. nrhatch says:

    Beautiful post. Thanks, Kathy.


  5. Robin says:

    I think of sunflowers as the lions of the flowers. They have beautiful, sunny manes, and they are quite courageous in a storm.

    Beautiful post. 🙂


  6. eof737 says:

    I love the message of this post… We need bravery in all things. 🙂


  7. The Pondering Turtle says:

    Kathy, please feel free to use the photos of the community garden in my most recent post ‘First stop… Community Garden!’
    Thank you for your suggestion and the mention in your post : ) You’re always great like that. However the photos would have looked so much better if the sunflowers had ALL bloomed.
    hOPE Your having a wonderful day!


    • The photos are wonderful….what a wonderful garden! And the sunflowers….all one can do is plant the seeds and water them….whether they grow or bloom is out of our control. Thanks so much for taking more photos…I love it!


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