Surprise myself… opening to positive possibilities and actions

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So this is a hope that I have…to loosen up, try new ways of thinking or looking at things…trying new activities…new strategies…shifting my perspective…

to surprise myself…

Or maybe a chart? To put tally marks on…. Surprise Myself “Keeping on Track” Chart   (I’ve been using this chart for 2 weeks….putting tally marks on it throughout the day… and totally each section at night…interesting to see the progression…)

Here’s another version, with the specific categories left blank…

Another variation: “I’m willing to believe that there is a possibility that…..”

so…for me…some of the “possibilities” might be:  that vitamins really might help the body, that walking might help me feel more energetic, that walking really might help the heart, lungs and brain, that meditating might change the brain in a positive way, that exercise is good, that I can learn more about technology if I just try …etc…etc…etc….I seem to come up with so many reasons to not do those things…so maybe to surprise myself and go ahead and open my mind to the idea that all those  actually could be helpful and to go ahead and “do them”.

6/29: 🙄 Ah ha…I just learned how to do an emoticon! A surprise!    Well, I’m noticing that  I don’t seem to want to “surprise myself” quite as much as those bold blue/red/yellow colors indicate….I think maybe I’ll do smaller “surprises” rather than such bold ones….so to choose a bit calmer kinds of changes….still good…but less bold….

I continue to try to get this idea to be workable and usable for myself…colors and images seem to matter to me…so…..a revision….another  weekly chart for tally marks… (click on images to enlarge, for easier reading)

And a tally chart with  “fill-in-able” categories…

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