Happiness…if not now, then when?

Perhaps we each have our own ideas
about what “being happy” may involve?

For myself,
it seems to involve more of an ongoing sense
of  “well being” or “contentment”.

Martin Seligman, the author of the book  Flourish, uses the  word “flourish”,  instead of  the word “happiness”.  He writes that, in his opinion, the developable components  that contribute to “flourishing” are represented in the acronym, PERMA.


ositive emotion,

so perhaps this variation

I think the ideas in that acronym, PERMA are really helpful
and I’d like to remember and use those ideas  in my everyday life…
so I made a “page” to help me to do that…
(if I can’t see it, I’m not going to remember it…)

Maybe even a bit like spokes on a wheel…

An important  purpose of these pages is to remind myself
to try to stay aware
of  th
e preciousn
ess of time...
 to try to make optimal use
of the time, opportunities and energy
that I have now
while I have those …

time is “suspicious”
…it flies by…

A link to a website with beautiful paintings  on it….the textures and colors in her paintings and  slide show are  real smile generators: The artist:Selah Gay, and her blog with lovely ideas about creating and expressing one’s own meaning and happiness….

And a 20 second, silly, happy youtube video, of my husband and me, with the song “I Feel Joy Like a Fountain” in the background… a video that I just figured out  how to upload to youtube (!!) all by myself (!!).  (PERMA…  : )  ) My daughter made it from quick sequence iphone photos… of Peter and me on my birthday this past August…counting my age on our fingers…( now, 10 years ago, 10 years from now, 20 years from now…also ties in nicely with…”if not now, then when?”)…Peter’s face is the best….complete silliness…very happy… (on Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire)   Another smile to my face…  “The sun will come out tomorrow…”   And another…“The Beauty of Nature”, very pretty.

And a few reasons on image below…why  I might consider myself to be “too busy” or “confused” or  “_____”   ( fill in the blank),  for pursuing happiness/meaning right now…which would be a mistake…

click on images to enlarge, for easier reading….

Learning new ways takes practice…

and sometimes practice can be difficult…

Now here is one of the most content, caring, kind and steady people I’ve ever known...and to think ….someone can actually be  a successful, highly respected attorney/mediator  with those really positive qualities…wow…….my husband Peter…and another photo of Peter (and our daughter, Julie)…a very happy person!… (The post, 10,000 cups of kindness…was about Peter’s kindness)

…..Another reminder for myself…

Some sites/books I’ve found helpful…that tie in with these ideas:  So special: Man’s Search for Meaning, Victor Frankel.   Martin Seligman, author of Flourish, (good book…helpful and usable ideas and perspectives!) and an  explanation about  his concept of “flourish”…  Happiness/Flourish/”PERMA”(Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment),  lots of insightful questionnaires on his  site.      A large, idea filled site: “Greater Good: the Science of a Meaningful Life”,  “Greater Good Newsletter”.     Rick Hanson’s Website, and  weekly newsletter,   Just One Thing, both are excellent! Great ideas!    Another really good website: Pursuit of Happiness.      Kristen Neff, another terrific website, full of helpful ideas.     Kelly McGonigal, another really good site.    The Time Paradox, by Philip Zimbardo, good strategies, (I like the personal time survey…it’s insightful)  for understanding and learning to balance perspectives on one’s own past, present and future. A different site, by Jorge Blanco, with some “goal setting” ideas. (it’s a sales site, but some good ideas..lots of free stuff there, just wander around in the site to find them) How to set up a goal setting progression….some other good ideas. (I often browse through  these various sites to get ideas and perspectives about  pursuing deeper meaning/”happiness” in life.)   And another site I just found….(and copied into the “Step…step….step….chip”  post above)  Personal Journey, practical ideas from University of Arkansas.   And another newly found blog with lots of good insights : Polly Campbell:Imperfect Spirituality

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