Notice & Appreciate: Sunshine

View a larger image of this page with my photo:  Notice, Appreciate: Cloud and Sunshine

It seems like I sometimes get so busy with my life and thoughts
that I hardly notice all the beauty and wonder around me…
in fact, I miss out on tons of tiny, positive things each day…
in nature, with people…you name it…I just miss it…

    One day I was stepping outside and actually noticed the sun starting to peek out from behind a was so beautiful.

And I thought…

“yeah, that’s it…wake up and notice what’s around me…

I’m missing so much.”

And hence, this page… “Notice, Appreciate”…to take that image and idea and try to keep it in mind throughout my day…

  • first, it would help if I would slow down,
  • come back to the present moment,
  • and “notice”…that’s a big step right there…
  • and then to feel that sense of wonder and appreciation and gratitude for whatever it is that I’ve seen…
  • And hence…. “Notice, Appreciate”

NOTICE! … Amazing (!!!) youtube nature/sun and clouds slide show: Morning Has Broken, sung by Cat Stevens  (click, play, full screen, feel the beauty….) A different youtube slide show. Notice & Appreciate… (omg…who are these amazing people creating youtube videos???? wow…I say…wow! )

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7 Responses to Notice & Appreciate: Sunshine

  1. nrhatch says:

    Thanks for the link, Kathy. I tried to find this page earlier without success. I love this page!

    I’ll link to it as well as your most recent post.


    • The link in that post to the song “Morning has broken” by Cat Stevens…my husband and I got married to that song. Twenty six years ago (!!) we took 10 friends to Lake Tahoe…2 days after a blizzard, and got married on the deck of a ski area, half way up the mountain….overlooking Lake Tahoe…talk about notice and appreciate…an exquisitely beautiful clear day, with friends,skiing together all day after drinking lots of champagne, the lake, the mountains and 5 feet of new snow….talk about “notice”…wow.. beautiful.


    • nrhatch says:

      Very “cool” choice of wedding venue, Kathy.
      Did the wedding party wear parkas? 😉


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