Stillness: A Quiet Mind


larger pdf image of this page: Still and Quiet.  Uncropped photo: Stillness (really beautiful)



Oh my…the idea of having a “still and quiet mind”…
ahhh, that sounds soooo good.
Well, I’m working on that, but certainly have a way to go.


This past summer, my husband Peter, my daughter Julie and I hiked to a very still and quiet little pond in the White Mountains of New Hampshire….Greeley Pond. It was sooo quiet and still….just remarkable.

After I saw this photo that we had taken,
it became an inspiration for me to practice quieting the mind…
through spending more time in nature, meditating …
and just taking more quiet time for  myself at home.


It seems to take lots of “practice”, on an ongoing basis, to develop a mind that has more “stillness”…and sometimes, at least for me, consistent practice can be a bit of a challenge….

I printed that  “Stillness” photo on clear film and laminated it..and put it in windows…the window hanger is  actually quite ethereal, the way it catches the light and reflection…definitely calming and soothing… a welcome relief after a busy day.


A quiet “home” within…

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