“Bearable”… it may be hard… Brooks Falls Live Grizzly Cam, Alaska


Grizzly Bear action, at Brooks Falls, Alaska
persistence, strength and fortitude

Bearable simple~

I came upon a wonderful surprise last week…the Grizzly Bear Live Cam at Brooks Falls, Alaska!

What a fascinating and inspiring live view of those bear and the falls!

A screen capture of the action at Brooks Falls, from that live cam
live cam brooks falls alaska  bearable falls

Link to the actual Live Grizzly Cam, Brooks Falls, Alaska
(I encourage people to “take a look”… I think it’s remarkable! )


Ahhh…. “Bearable” ….. in 2005, I had created the book, “Bearable,”  for the students in my classroom…

a “playful,”  but serious,  book meant to encourage the nurturing and development of increasing initiative, motivation, courage and persistence in the kids I taught.

And the photo on the cover of that book???
much to my surprise!
Brooks Falls, Alaska!


Bearable cover  created by Kathy Boyle Pocket Perspectives


What a wonderful surprise (!!!)  to actually get to see the live action at those falls!

I’m simply amazed to see the strength, persistence and fortitude of those grizzly bear in real time! Watching those bears on the live cam adds an extra layer of  inspiration and insight into the idea “Bearable”


Bearable it may be hard but it is Bearable


Bears were such inspiring and helpful “partners” for the kids,
as they developed so many of these important qualities.

(and I developed more of those qualities, too…as I encouraged the kids!)


Bearable slogans one page Brooks Falls Alaska

And the  cover of that book???? … the Grizzly Bear at Brooks Falls, Alaska…now viewable on Live Cam!


Here’s a link to “Bearable,” the book I created… such happy memories of creating this book and then sharing it and using it with so many kids, for so many years…such happy memories!  And now getting to watch live views of the action at those same falls!


Bearable it may be hard

Continuing to be inspired by
the persistence, strength and fortitude,
viewable on that live Brooks Falls cam!


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5 Responses to “Bearable”… it may be hard… Brooks Falls Live Grizzly Cam, Alaska

  1. Robin says:

    They are such beautiful creatures, aren’t they? I wouldn’t want to be standing next to one, though. lol! I remember your Bearable book. Very creative. 🙂

    P.S. I’m having trouble posting a comment. Crossing my fingers that this one will go through.


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