“An Appreciation Jar” ….continuing with appreciating the positives…

In early January, I joined several other bloggers in creating an “appreciation jar”
each day, jotting down a few “appreciations” about life, myself or others,
and adding that little paper to the little glass jar…
a little bit and a little bit adds up…
both in the jar and in my awareness…
a steady accumulation of appreciation…
“What one appreciates, appreciates….”


appreciation jar, noticing the positives in daily life


Trying to increasingly notice “little appreciations” throughout the day…
awareness of appreciations that might slip past me…
especially looking for ways I might be living with positive qualities,
qualities that might enhance my own life and the lives of others…

A reminder list with a variety of qualities
I’m trying to become more aware of,
appreciating in myself and others,
and living with more fully


apppreciation jar positive qualities and aspirations

Noticing the positives is easier for me on some days than others,
easier some hours than others…
But I’m noticing, that continuing to bring my mind back to positives
is becoming more of a “habit”…
it’s getting easier…especially during “less than positive moments”
I recommend giving this idea a try…

I print out the following page and cut it up into the little sections…
I write on the back of the little papers…
Interestingly, the cut up, individual papers seem to look a bit like sugar packets…
perhaps, reminders of some of the “sweetness” in life…
the increasing awareness of positives…in myself, life and others…
And oddly enough, I chose an old sugar bowl to keep the blanksΒ  in…
an accumulation ofΒ  potential “sweetness” indeed…
sprinkling on all of our lives each day

appreciation jar, blank papers for writing on


The delicate little glass swan is immersed in a pond of positives…
increasing, adding up…
leading to increasing appreciation of others and myself…
“What one appreciates, appreciates…”
…it seems to be true…


appreciation jar March, filling with positives


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20 Responses to “An Appreciation Jar” ….continuing with appreciating the positives…

  1. love your little sugar packets. Kind words, kind thoughts do add a wondrous sweetness to life, don’t they? My appreciation jar is, like yours, is becoming a wondrous gift to self.


  2. Yummm… healthy sweets! They do seem to be adding to the sweetness of life…I agree. At first it took a bit of “effort” to do this, but now it’s just a soothing part of the day. I’m so happy to hear that your appreciation jar…the “Awesome Jar”…is such a gift.


  3. This is beautiful Kathy.


    • thank you… it’s a special “practice” that seems to be leading to quietly positive benefits… I had been encouraged to do this for several years…seeing that both Joss and Marie were doing it helped “get me going”… and I think Becca from On Dragonfly Wings and Buttercup Tea is doing it too. And a new comment from Ellis Nelson, below…the author of that very special book “Into the Land of the Snows” writes that she and her husband are doing this too.
      btw… link to that book http://www.amazon.com/Into-Land-Snows-Ellis-Nelson/dp/1938257014


  4. sufilight says:

    Very nice! πŸ˜€ I have been adding messages to my jar,not daily but when I have those moments of deep gratitude, such as walking hand in hand with Phil on a beautiful day. Last night I was grateful as with the aid of technology, I am able to hear musical tones I haven’t heard since 1987. I was busy listening to Elton John, Adele, The Gregorian Master of Chants… the sound of music is sweet, one of life’s blessings. πŸ˜€


    • Oh Marie, I’m so happy for you!….technology has come such a long way…I’m soooooooooooo happy to hear that you are hearing musical tones…such magic they provide….such sweetness and blessings in music and voices! Words can’t begin to express how happy I am for you…I’ll add this to my jar too… : )
      I don’t add to the jar on a daily basis either..at first I did, but I tend to notice more appreciation in the moment now, which is a big part of writing it down in the first place…to be able to notice and appreciate in each moment, as much as possible. I’m also finding it helpful to add when I’m not feeling so positive…to shift my perspective and awareness.
      Again…Marie, I’m so happy for you!…. soooooooo happy.


  5. ellisnelson says:

    My husband and I are doing this. We jot down happy moments to celebrate and put them into a jar. We’re thinking of spending next New Year’s eve reliving all the great things to be grateful for in 2013! It’s another kind of mindful, gratitude practice.


  6. becca givens says:

    What a delightful post — I love the idea of photographing the progression of your “Awesome Jar”!!! Bravo — I love this type of nurturing!!! πŸ˜€

    I am going to add this to the Nurturing Thursday post for today!! YEA YEA YEA!!!


    • It’s really filling up…I’m looking around in cupboards for a larger vase… and it seems to be a good way to nurture appreciation in one’s life, with oneself and one’s relationships with others… triple bonus!…cheers to Nurturing Thursdays!


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  8. nrhatch says:

    We started one too! And it’ll be overflowing long before the end of the year. We plan to review all the slips on New Year’s Eve (if we can wait that long).


  9. Pingback: Becoming more open to noticing “gems” throughout each day… I wonder who or what will…..????? | Pocket Perspectives

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