We’re weaving our tomorrows… out of our todays…may we weave well…


Peter, Paul and Mary sang a song, Hurry Down Sundown,
with a very insightful line in it….

“Weave me tomorrow, out of today”


we are weaving tomorrow out of today


I like using that weaving “symbol” to develop a deeper understanding of everyday life …
the understanding and acceptance that as we set positive “intentions” each day…
choices we make today…
our thoughts, words and actions in each moment,
will strongly influence our tomorrows…
…those choices will actually be woven into how our “tomorrows” develop…


setting positive intention in our thoughts words and actions


Perhaps,  it’s a bit like knitting that scarf…
each stitch develops out of a previous stitch and another previous stitch…
the rows develop out of  previous rows…
to learn to set positive intentions…
and then to “knit” thoughtfully and carefully,
to see that all of those carefully formed stitches  (and dropped stitches, too)
become a “section”
that each “section” develops into the next section and the next section…
For us to realize that we each have a lot of “influence” and “control”
over how that scarf progresses…
we are doing the “knitting” in each and every moment…
we are knitting…or weaving…our tomorrows in each moment of today


weaving tomorrows row after row

And so…
for each of us to try, as much and as often as possible,
to keep this in mind….
to learn to choose carefully with positive intentions….
creating positive tomorrows out of our todays…
“we’re weaving our tomorrows out of our todays”
May we weave well


Weaving tomorow out of today May we weave well




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10 Responses to We’re weaving our tomorrows… out of our todays…may we weave well…

  1. We press forward and then we look back, press onward and reflect. May the stitches be firm and set. May the weave create an awesome even tension. Whether it be knitting, crocheting or weaving on a loom, it’s awesome to see a fine, even product. An occasional flaw adds interest, I think. Loved Peter, Paul and Mary and I still do.


    • Georgette…do you weave? ….such a good description of the process…and of life!
      The photo is a scarf I knit…with wrapped and then dropped stitches, creating the pretty wave motion in the pattern…. a lesson for me that sometimes those “glitches” in life end up adding to the beauty of the pattern. I thoroughly enjoy Peter, Paul and Mary, too.


  2. nrhatch says:

    Terrific analogy, Kathy. Our choices today will impact the ultimate tapestry of our life . . . weave well.


  3. sufilight says:

    I enjoyed this analogy, Kathy. Could actually visualize myself “knitting” my future through my present day choices. 🙂


    • thanks Marie…
      Me, too…knitting away…
      btw, the scarf pattern calls for purposefully “dropped stitches”…letting things go??….but there are also more than a few accidentally added or dropped stitches in that scarf…but the scarf still looks pretty and is warm and snuggly…forgiveness, too, maybe?…room for mistakes? I dunno…something like that…


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  5. lauriesnotes says:

    I really like this one. Love the idea of weaving. I have played with this idea too. Love it.
    Love –


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