Learning each day…. “in the classroom of the teacher that is my life”… learning, learning, learning

I had seen this quote several years ago in the Daily Om newsletter
a daily email that contains so many helpful insights and interesting ideas…
I’ve been trying to use these perspectives for several years….

classroom of the teacher that is your life


classroom of the teacher 2

I love that perspective of seeing “life” as a teacher…
So many wonderful positives,
but also ongoing challenges….
Challenges that, perhaps, might feel more like “tests”

Well…recently I’ve been in the midst of a few of those challenges
ones that feel a bit like “tests,”
“tests” I don’t feel quite prepared for!
What a busy classroom this seems to be!

a conversation running through my head….

uh oh...a test/challenge today?


life really isn't a test...but there are challenges


I didn't know I needed to know this...uh oh


trusting in what I have learned in my life


I can pull this all together


this learning is a lifelong process


learning is a lifelong processlearning in the classroom of the teacher that is my life~

thank you for joining me in this particular classroom,
sometimes, it’s enjoyable and fascinating
Other times, it’s a bit overwhelming in there
thank you for keeping me company…
thank you so much
…I appreciate all of you stopping by…


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7 Responses to Learning each day…. “in the classroom of the teacher that is my life”… learning, learning, learning

  1. leah77 says:

    Great post, and as always very helpful! Life is one big fat test. Good thing we get to retake them if we flunk;) Have a great weekend!


  2. Eric Winger says:

    Maybe it’s not so much whether you passed or failed life’s test today. Rather, it may be what you do after taking the test that really counts.

    Thanks for the thoughts.



  3. sufilight says:

    I also think of life as classroom where the reward is inner peace if we truly learn to let go and develop a life long compassion. I used to participate in the OM community a few years ago.


    • Yes…I guess that it… Marie, that’s a lovely awareness…that both the reward of inner peace and maybe even a way we realize we’re doing okay is a sense of inner peace…. I guess that’s both the path and the reward…isn’t that something? Daily OM has special ideas each day…how special to have been part of that. : )


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