Do you ever “wonder” about why you create certain posts? Reflecting on some possible motivations and intentions

I’ve been reflecting on
andย  pondering about
I might create certain “pages”
or why I might be motivated
to create and share certain posts…


Do any other bloggers ever wonder about
you create certain posts?

I’m guessing
there are lots of “varying” motivating factors…
but I’m also guessing
that there might be several “common” factors, too
I’m guessing that a lot of the motivations are just
“wanted to…”
“had to…”
“needed to…”
“just seemed important…”

So….here’s a brainstorming “page”
(specific to my own blogging experience)
with some of my own thinking,
created with the purpose
of helping myself
develop a sense of clarity about ….
why DO I create…?
for WHOM am I creating pages…?
what do I hope to ACCOMPLISH with my “pages?”
what might I be wanting to LEARN ?
what might OTHERS be getting from this?
why am I motivated to SHARE?


I’m finding the page/checklist helpful for my own thinking
and so I share this brainstorming/checklist page
in case it might provide a helpful springboard
for someone else too


…leading to more clarity…



This might be called
…. “meta-cognition”….
thinking about one’s thinking
knowing about knowing
….just wondering….

…just wondering…

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22 Responses to Do you ever “wonder” about why you create certain posts? Reflecting on some possible motivations and intentions

  1. I often feel that it’s a miracle that I had the courage to write any words at all, so every post seems like a bit of a phenomenon. Sometimes I just give myself over to the Universe and say, “You give me the thought someone needs to hear. I’ll translate in the best way I can.” Another lovely post!!


    • I actually created this page several days ago…to try to get/keep myself more aware and to keep shifting into maintaining awareness of positive, sharing kind of motivation as/while/after posting on “my” blogs…it seems to help. Sometimes I get a bit tired of trying to teach myself needed lessons/awarenesses… I’m might be a bit better at being a “teacher” than a “student”… : ) btw…you express yourself so effectively and really do contribute so much…


  2. excellent, excellent.


  3. thanks, Joss…I’ve found it kind of interesting to go back and look at some different posts I’ve made and think about those various motivations…even when the posts are different, the motivations seem to be similar…I guess most of us probably carry an intuitive, but sometimes unspoken, sense of why we do things…


  4. sufilight says:

    Very nice! I write with the intention with putting something “out there” that may help someone either because they relate to a life experience I may have had or because it inspires them. I also enjoy being part of an uplifting community.


  5. Like that checklist, Kathy. Sometimes we need to vent or to share. I know I’ve learned much from my blogging friends.


    • I just love making checklists…and then learning how to add check boxes is a new bonus… : ) Yes, blogging can be such a good way to share….or vent, too. I also learn soooooo much from other bloggers…I’ve been thinking for days about your quote about the rose bush…I even typed it up, so I’d keep thinking about that perspective… and will probably put it on a page to remind myself…

      “Instead of complaining that the rosebush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses”…

      what a shift in perspective that is! ( ) See…learning from other bloggers….ah ha, I get to put a check in that box ๐Ÿ˜€


  6. saymber says:

    Usually when I write something it finds who it’s meant for.


    • That’s kind of amazing…I never thought of that perspective! (actually now that I think about it, I always make a deep “wish”…just as I click the “publish” button…that the ideas in those pages/post might help/support/engage someone who relates to those particular ideas….)


  7. Robin says:

    My blog posts are pretty easy to explain as the blog has evolved so that my posts now seem to revolve around my walks. Sometimes they kind of write themselves, depending on the walk. Sometimes they’re a bit forced, and I think that shows.

    This is something I’ve never really pondered. I’ll have to think on it some more. Thanks for the thought-provoking pages. ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Oh Robin!!!! you have no idea how many days I arrived home from work…days full of challenges, tough and tiring drives through heavy traffic, tension and tiredness…and then I’d open your walk for that day…and breath such a sigh of relief as I “walked” along with you…taking in the beauty and nurturing of nature, your descriptions of where you walk…all of that…it was such a blessing…and, it sounds like you might not realize that you’re offering that to others…???….well, you sure offered that to me, that’s for sure! I’d say some of your words might be be…soothe, nurture, encourage, inspire…well that list goes on and on…I hope you take that in. : ) (and of course for those who are actually photographers, the learning about/appreciating composition, light, color etc…)


    • Robin says:

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad to know that my posts bring a sense of relaxation and/or peace with them. That’s how I feel when I go out for my walks. Well, maybe not when I start out (because some days are better than others), but by the time I finish, the beauty of nature has soothed and restored me on all levels. I’ve been hoping to share that with others through my blog posts. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. eof737 says:

    I would say all of the above apply. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • I’ve noticed when I look at that checklist after creating my “pages” or posts, that most of the items/criteria apply…( but of course…”get up and go” was mostly just pure fun ) I’m guessing that there are many common “motivations” among bloggers….particularly those who participate in certain network/communities of sites…a very nurturing and inspirational group of people!


  10. cuhome says:

    Curiosity, being the observer of self and others and nature. I don’t know what triggers creation, but I suspect it has a lot to do with why the human race has survived. We’ve had to evolve our creativity. I truly don’t think I’ve ever had an original idea, but I think each of us sees everything from a slightly different perspective, through a slightly different lens, none an exact copy of another. And sharing those differences is what makes life and creation interesting — at least, to me. Thanks for this post! โ™ฅ


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