“Time is… suspicious”…those pesky “relative” aspects of time

A few years ago,
an 8 year old boy came into my classroom
and thoughtfully commented

“Time is suspicious”

Isn’t that an astute observation?
sometimes “time” seems to pass so quickly,
other times it drags along

Have you ever noticed???
there seem to be several types of “time”

“Objective” measurable “time….
really based on “traveling…”
relative to…
the rotation of the earth
and the revolution of the earth around the sun…
quantified by


And then another “relative” aspect of “time …
that subjective experience of “time” passing
the pace at which “time”
seems to pass

often “relative” to…
what we are doing
who we are with
the way we are feeling
the way others are feeling
how we are reacting

And in terms of  the many ways we measure or experience time
“time” really can be “suspicious”

But when it comes down to it…
perhaps, the period of “time” that really matters is
…this present moment…




I love Dr. Who’s explanation of time…

Getting a better understanding about the subjective nature of  “time” has had me a bit confused…as evidenced in the recent “Time is suspicious” posts.    Well…good news… I mentioned this confusion to my 25 year old daughter Julie and she explained that it’s all very simple….from the reliable source of Dr. Who…no need to think about it any longer… here it is… (only 15 seconds long…)

So….that’s it…

“just a big ball of….wibbly wobbly… timey wimey…. stuff….”

….easy as that…

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16 Responses to “Time is… suspicious”…those pesky “relative” aspects of time

  1. Eric Winger says:

    Our perception of time really is our “reality” of time. Definitely something worth spending some “time” to think about. 🙂



    • Ah yes….taking the time to think about time…. : ) I spent many months pondering the idea of “time” after hearing that child’s comment… leading to more insight, but significantly more confusion… : )


  2. what a wise young man, Time truly is suspicious which, of course, makes me wonder if it is not man-made!


    • Well, clock and calendar time is man made…a choice of how to “measure” it…and the subjective nature of time is created within ourselves…so… I still don’t really get “time”….it’s suspicious for sure! I’m guessing that “now” is what matters…. : )


  3. sufilight says:

    That is so cute, an 8 year old declaring time is suspicious. 🙂 Time is an illusion, so the sages say, but then I wonder how do get out of identifying with time when everything in our experience suggests the influence of time.


    • I agree…time is like some type of illusion…but as you say…it’s one thing to “get” that, and another thing to get untangled from preoccupation and identifying with it….it’s really a strange concept…so apparently simple, but I find it confoundingly complex. I’ve been encouraged to leave that pondering/tumbling alone and stay focused on “now” …


  4. judithhb says:

    Taking time to think about this. 🙂


  5. I’ll change that first letter to the one that’s to its left on the keyboard and say that I like time when it’s auspicious.

    Steve Schwartzman


  6. cuhome says:

    From out of the mouths of babes . . . oh, this is nice! I really like the way you’ve captured that young wisdom!


  7. hugmamma says:

    We take time for granted. It’s there…on the clock…on our watches. What’s its substance? Is it tangible? Can we taste it, touch it, see it, hear it, feel it? But just because we can’t hold time in our hands…doesn’t mean it’s without value.

    We might try applying this metaphor to other things.

    Life’s treasures…are not always measureable.



  8. ah, yes….life’s treasures aren’t measurable… and time is so precious, so very very precious…suspicious in how it passes, but precious…well, wait a minute, actually maybe time isn’t precious…maybe what’s precious is what we do with our time or the relationships we nurture as time is passing….. ??? maybe so?


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