Time to release it…let it go…. shifting from one way….to another

Do you remember the Jim Reeves song…
“Please release me, let me go”
well, I was humming that song this morning and thinking….

“those words kind of apply to what I’m living these few weeks”
retiring from teaching…
letting that go…
moving on…
with deep appreciation for the amazing happiness
I’ve had with the kids and their families…
but to be willing to release it….
to let it go

And so…
I change most of the words to that song…
It’s no longer “please release me”
I added my own ideas
to release “it”…
to begin anew again



~Just after I had written this “poem”…well, I actually don’t write rhyming poems… 🙄 …I saw a post called …Goofball Dog Wisdom: Find Your Bliss… and figured…
“what the heck…
let it go…go ahead and post it…”
because it’s a really really important message to myself…
and maybe it could be helpful to others too????




(And to WJ…if you read this…it’ll be okay…things will be just fine…it truly has been a joy to work with you and your 3 wonderful boys…an absolute joy…you’ve all brought so much happiness into my life and I thank  you from the very bottom of my heart…things will be just fine….all three of your boys are going to do well in life…partly because each one is wonderful in his own way, but even more… because they have such a wonderful mom and dad nurturing and encouraging them along…)


And so I say
…to the kids…
….to their parents….
….and to myself….


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12 Responses to Time to release it…let it go…. shifting from one way….to another

  1. thanks…and thanks for your encouragement : ) …clpollack’s blog, mindfulnessandmedotorg ( http://mindfulnessandme.org/ ) is where I saw the post “Goofball Dog Wisdom…finding your bliss” (linked above).. ..a dog enthralled with a ball…and decided I could chase bouncing balls,too…in the form of rhyming words… : )


  2. WJ says:

    You have touched so many lives in such a positive way! Although I’m sad you are moving on, I am so happy for you too. You may be “releasing” it, but you are also letting it go in the hearts of all those you’ve touched. That is a gift that we will cherish forever. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for our family ♥


  3. sufilight says:

    Kathy, You are from all that you share, the type of teacher one never forgets. I still remember fondly an older teacher in the third grade who brought out the best in me and in her students. At the time, I was learning English and yet because of her ability to communicate and teach, I was in the honor roll a few times. When I moved up to the 5th grade, the teacher was young and very mean, (even asked the class to beat up a boy after school!) so I did not do well in her class, and I suspect neither did a few of my classmates.

    I am looking forward to reading of your new life – be it one of total relaxation or more creativity blooming. 🙂


    • I wish we all could live by a creed of “do no harm”…and even better “nourish, stimulate, encourage and enrich”… it’s so sad when kids have negative experiences like you had…but so wonderful that there are/were the positives…
      And “relaxing”…well, I seem to like creating and exploring for relaxation….lots to learn, I think… “creativity blooming” sounds wonderful, too! : )


  4. cuhome says:

    Ah, this is sad and poignant. I think letting go always is. Thanks for sharing this part of your heart!


  5. Yes, letting go takes some courage… and the connection is in a very tender part of the heart.
    But, good news…I think I’m transitioning into…excited!!!! : )


  6. Roberta says:

    I am so happy and excited for you!


    • thanks Roberta….the song “sweet little sixteen” has been going through my head this evening…I DO kind of feel like a 16 year old!…isn’t that something????….I’m creating a few pages for making a playful post for Friday morning with the words from that song…you just never know! : )


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